Jacqueline T. Hill teaches teens entrepreneurship in recently completed community outreach

Astute businesswoman and writer, Jacqueline T. Hill recently completed a community outreach project teaching teenagers how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Jacqueline T. Hill is a writer, lifestyle business consultant, and a successful businesswoman known for her passion for seeing others succeed in their businesses. Jacqueline has made a name for herself not only in the world of business but also as a teacher and mentor to many startups and established businesses, particularly coaching entrepreneurs to become a success in their niches. One of such efforts is the recently completed community outreach project where she taught teenagers the art of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

The business world is a dynamic and highly-competitive one, with statistics showing that more than 50 percent of businesses fail to make it through to the fifth year. One of the major factors attributed to the rather unfortunate statistics is the lack of motivation for entrepreneurs. Consequently, Jacqueline T. Hill has taken the bull by the horns to help as many as possible intending entrepreneurs and walk them through the path to success.

During the community outreach project organized by Jacqueline, participants learned the basics of entrepreneurship and what every successful business person should have. The project taught participants how to plan and determine their markets and ideal clients. These two factors are extremely important to the success of every business.

The project also touched on technology and the importance of IT in the 21st-century business environment. Participants were taught how to set price points and were also able to create websites for their business idea. The project also presented participants to administration at the local library, completing a comprehensive entrepreneurship mentorship package.

The project is one of the many contributions made by Jacqueline T. Hill as she follows her passion for educating others on solid ways of ensuring successful businesses and relationships. Some of the other services offered by Jacqueline T. Hill include the TLA Academy for the growth of businesses and content.

Jacqueline T. Hill also offers writing services as well as consultation services to business owners and businesses of all types and sizes. Jacqueline T. Hill has also worked with other women entrepreneurs such as Ires Alliston to help content writers, small businesses, small churches, non-profits, newbie business owners, and aspiring business owners to achieve success in their respective fields.

More information about the English teacher turned entrepreneur can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Jacqueline T. Hill

Jacqueline T. Hill is a lifestyle business consultant, writer, motivational speaker, and astute businesswoman. Jacqueline T. Hill is passionate about empowering business owners and content creators with tools designed to help them increase their income online and live a life of freedom and abundance.

The self-acclaimed versatile boss has championed several projects targeted towards assisting students, community leaders, aspiring business owners, and families in areas of writing, graphic design, branding, marketing campaigns, consulting, and coaching.

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