Step Into The Future With Eduonix’s Machine Learning Course

Eduonix’s brand new Kickstarter campaign focuses on Machine Learning, the stepping stones of the future.

ORLANDO, Florida – Feb 20, 2018 – Eduonix Learning Solutions, a leading online e-learning company, announced a brand new Kickstarter project for a hands-on example-based approach to understanding Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is one of the stepping stones for the future for smarter computers and smarter devices. From self-driving cars to self-diagnosing medical AI chat-bots, the future of computers easing our troubles is undeniable. This provides a lot of potential for people who want to learn about Machine Learning.

Eduonix’s new course focuses on helping anyone who wants to get started with Machine Learning using a practical approach to the subject. Using a project-based strategy, the course will go through the basics of the machine learning algorithms while simultaneously showing you how to exactly use them in real-world projects.

“There are many courses on Machine Learning, but most of them focus on the theoretical aspects, which once over leaves students hanging and unsure of what they can do after it. This is what we are trying to avoid. We are offering a holistic approach to Machine Learning, where the students not only learn how to get started with Machine Learning Algorithms, the theory behind them, but also how to actually use them in the real-world. The best part is that they’ll have an entire portfolio of projects at the end of this course,” said Sushant Das, Co-Founder and CEO at Eduonix.

The ‘Machine Learning’ course has also been designed keeping Eduonix’s core principles in mind and includes an exciting learning environment that keeps students not only engaged but excited for actually learning core Machine Learning principles.

There are five different projects that will be covered within the course that students will get to not only work on along with the instructor but will also get to keep and add it to their resume.

The five tentative projects include:

Project 1 – Stock Market Clustering Project:

This project will teach students about K-means, Yahoo Finance Python module and how to do a PCA dimensionality reduction to plot the data on a 2D plot.

Project 2 – Breast Cancer Detection:

This project will show students how to use a support vector machine and K-nearest neighbor algorithm to compare and contrast performance with the support vector machine.

Project 3 – Board Game Review:

In this project, the students learn how to perform linear regression analysis by predicting board game reviews.

Project 4 – Credit Card Fraud Detection:

This project will help students understand how to use probability densities to focus on anomaly detection.

Project 5 – Diabetes Onset Detection:

Using a deep learning grid search, students learn how to fine-tune a deep learning neural network. The network will be used to detect the onset of diabetes based on patient data.

Another good news is that their Kickstarter campaign has exceeded over $7000! They offered a number of stretch goals, one of which was they would add another 5 projects! And as promised, they did. The course now has a total of 10 projects!

This Kickstarter campaign is a means for Eduonix to earn as much support and pledges as possible to help them not only complete this goal, but also give them a push for their stretch goals, which include creating numerous different courses and to continue improving their platform and support for current and future students.

Help Eduonix change the education world, one student at a time. Back their project on Kickstarter by pledging support here.

About Eduonix:

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