Vecna Robotics Distinctive Warehouse Robotics Solution Featured in Forbes Magazine

Vecna Robotics’ distinctive warehouse robotics solution was recently featured in Forbes magazine; the article was authored by Steve Banker. Dan Patt, Vecna CEO and Daniel Theobold, Vecna Chief Innovation Officer, highlighted the potential to improve warehousing and order fulfillment.

Vecna offers a spectrum of robots designed for different tasks – each picking, case put or pick, pallet moves, and tuggers for the warehouse yard. In other markets, over time the market starts to move to providers that offer a broader selection of products and just “one throat to choke” if something goes wrong.

Vecna’s second differentiator is that their robots are highly collaborative. Amazon’s Kiva robots, for example, are designed to be operated in a section of the warehouse off limits to humans.  Vecna’s robots have vision systems that allow them to navigate safely around humans and share common transit paths. Their robots can also collaborate with other robots. For example, a case pick robot might place a case on an AGV style robot that would then transport the case to a pallet build station.

While Vecna has been around since 1998, Vecna’s warehouse robots have only been generally available since last April. As the technology and market matured, Vecna decided to spin out a robotics business to focus on the promising logistics solutions marketplace. They have invested tens of millions in R&D into robotics, have over a hundred issued and pending patents. Vecna’s early implementations have convinced large companies to expedite scaling of their robots to enterprise operations.

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Vecna Robotics will be exhibiting and showcasing its AGV and IIoT technologies at MODEX 2018, April 9-12, at booth B4987. MODEX is the expo where manufacturing and supply chain professionals go to find solutions to futureproof their business success. From understanding how Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things is impacting supply chains to exploring the latest equipment and technology solutions from over 850 of the world’s leading providers, MODEX 2018 is where material handling leaders meet the industry’s best and brightest, see their equipment and systems in action, and determine which solutions fit future supply chain needs.

Vecna Robotics ( has quickly become the materials handling leader in the fork truck free environment while utilizing comprehensive IIoT technologies.  With e-commerce exploding and customer expectations on the rise, distribution and fulfillment centers as well as third party logistics (3PLs) providers and manufacturers require Vecna Robotics innovation. Case picking, goods-to-person, person-to-goods, robot-conveyor hybrid systems, Vecna Robotics has cost-effective solutions. All systems are safety certified to operate along-side people and can accommodate the operational model that achieves the best efficiency with unmatched flexibility.

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