Pet store launches new collection of products made from 100% natural ingredients

Seven products included in the selection is all that is needed to ensure good health and happiness for pets

Israel – Natural Solutions LTD is proud to announce the launch of their new formula for flea and tick control products. The formula has seven new products in it, including dogs collar, drops for large, medium and small dogs, drops for cats and puppies, and flea control shampoo for dogs and puppies. The new introduction is better than 2017 because it offers more benefits for pet owners who want to ensure complete health for their pets. Till March 12, 2018, the company will be giving 20% off on the entire Arava – Dead Sea Pet Spa catalog on, without any limitations on a number of purchased items.

To purchase these items, please visit the Amazon store.

“Every pet deserves good treatment and health so they can grow strong and happy. Our collection of items are designed to provide your pets with the essential natural elements that are suitable for them. Our products have been confirmed by many to be highly effective for cleansing, medication, treatment, defense, and prevention,” said Naor Bar, a representative of Natural Solutions LTD.

The best way to show love for pets is to ensure they are in good health and are happy. This collection of Arava – Dead Sea Pet Spa products have been specially formulated to do just that. The Arava flea and tick control collar help protect dogs from tick and flea, using natural ingredients that are safe for even babies. An alternative to the collar is the drops treatment that repels pests with natural treatment using natural aromatherapy medicated oils, which is safe for coat and skin. There is also Arava flea and tick control drops for cats and puppies, with natural oils and ingredients. The product is safe for pets and kids, and it works for both defense and protection. Customers can also keep their pet clean and happy by using the Arava flea and tick control dog and puppy shampoo. The gently scented botanical dead sea formula contains 100% natural ingredients like lemongrass, cinnamon, clove, thyme, etc.

“Excellent product and non-toxic! Like many other pet owners, I feel the importance of not exposing my pets to harmful chemicals. Arava – Dead Sea Pet Spa products contain natural ingredients and are effective. I plan to continue purchasing products from them, and I encourage you to do the same,” Patricia D, a customer.

Other products in the collection include Arava pet eye wipes to prevent tearstains and irritation, and Arava pet ear wipes to remove dirt and wax and prevent irritation. There is also Arava paws and body wipes for gentle cleansing and moisturizing and the natural aromatherapy medicated, antifungal, and anti-yeast shampoo. All products of Arava – Dead Sea Pet Spa are made from 100% natural ingredients completely free of any chemicals.

About Natural Solutions LTD

Natural Solutions LTD is the official distributor of Arava – Dead Sea Pet Spa in the US. The company is committed to delivering only the best in pets products made from 100% natural ingredients free of any harmful chemicals.

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