The Solutions to Abuse Will Be Located by the Survivors of Abuse For Survivors, by Survivors

Prince George’s County, Maryland – Tonya GJ Prince is from a community where silence around child sexual abuse is utilized as a necessary tool for survival.  But, several years ago it was Tonya’s own mother who encouraged her to be even more vocal about fighting sexual violence.  Tonya, who had been blogging about motivation and empowerment for a short while by then, started a new blog focused exclusively on domestic and sexual violence. In 2009, was initiated.

I’ve been following you for a bit and love the message you share. You are doing great work, and I just wanted to let you know it touched me. – Nate ( has become an important source for survivors of abuse and violence. It is a site where survivors can see themselves as they really are.  “The term “victim” seems to no longer mean someone who was targeted and attacked during an act of crime.  People seem to have concluded that it now means manipulative, weak, and miserable.” – Tonya GJ Prince

The truth is that most survivors are strong, strategic, and ever devoted to hope and joy. At there is proof of that with nearly every post.

Thank you @TonyaGJPrince you inspire me to keep giving to keep fighting even when I’m beat down I must put my back up against the wall and fight for those who can’t fight I must be a voice for those who can’t speak I must show them love. @Micheleham  (

Readers of appreciate the focus on real life ramifications of being a victim of violence and abuse.  Issues like the abuse to prison problem, overcoming the challenges in finding support and help for healing, and dealing with negative comments about abuse from leaders, celebrities and the general public.

Very Informative Read!! @ThatAnitaLive ( is intentional about diversity and inclusion.  At posts about sexual abuse against males, black women, mental health consumers, and youth are as commonplace as the number of incidences of violence against these vulnerable populations.

Encouragement, affirmations, and information isn’t just delivered through traditional 500 word blog posts. is also diverse in its methods of content delivery.  Blog posts come in the form of infographics, quote graphics, slides, videos, including videos of stories directly from survivors.

Tonya is a constant resource with compassion, humor, and insight. @RomulusJohnston (

About Tonya GJ Prince:

Tonya GJ Prince is a survivor who began therapy for child sexual abuse at the age of 13.  Eager to share healing with others, her entire career has been built around serving victims and survivors.  Over the course of 24 years, she has worn several hats to serve victims of abuse.

Her work as a as a

  • court advocate
  • group facilitator
  • counselor in a battered women’s shelter and
  • leader in the violence against women’s movement, etc….

 has been praised and awarded.

If Tonya isn’t working in a professional capacity, you can find her volunteering as a hotline crisis counselor for victims of rape or perhaps speaking to groups about prevention and healing.

Tonya GJ Prince can be found on challenging the silence around domestic and sexual violence.

Media Contact
Company Name: WE Survive Abuse
Contact Person: Tonya GJ Prince
Phone: (720)-593-9462
City: Prince George\’s County
State: Maryland
Country: United States