CRI Genetics Named Top Ancestry DNA Test Choice for 2017 by

CRI Genetics, the Genetics Research & Development division of Cellular Research Institute, has been ranked by as the number one ancestry DNA analysis company for 2017. The rankings were done by on the basis of five most important factors related to ancestry DNA testing.

January 30, 2018

CRI Genetics is pleased to reveal that their DNA testing kits have received the top rating from for the year 2017. The Genetics Research & Development wing of Cellular Research Institute, CRI Genetics has made great progress throughout the year 2017 by helping individuals find out interesting facts about their genetic background and heritage. This team of experienced Geneticists, Anthropologists, and Social Scientists has come to prominence under the leadership of renowned genetic research veteran Alexei Fedorov. is an independent online magazine dedicated to making online shopping easier and more reliable with their honest and unbiased product reviews, comparisons, and discussions. Their review of the CRI Genetics DNA test kit was a detailed process where the five most important factors were shortlisted and then each of them were rated on a scale of 1 to 10.  Mentioned below are each of these factors and the ratings received by CRI Genetics.

Easiness of the test (9.9/10): informs that the DNA test kit from CRI Genetics is super easy to use and the entire process is fast and painless.

Speed of the feedback (9.3/10): The “Certificate of Ancestry by DNA” from CRI Genetics is delivered within 4 to 8 weeks after sending the mouth swab.

What can be learned (9.4/10): CRI Genetics scans over 640,000 autosomal genetic markers to determine your ancestral makeup. These are the most representative autosomes. They are called ancestry informative markers (AIMs).

Results (9.6/10): CRI Genetics offers a table report listing the ancestral percentages of your ancestral groups.

Safety (9.9/10): The DNA samples and results are stored with the users’ bar code only, without any personal information. Any user can request his/her sample and results to be deleted anytime. 

The DNA test kits from CRI Genetics have also received encouraging reviews from many users. In one of these CRI Genetics reviews, the reviewer mentioned, “As an adoptee, I didn’t know anything about my parents or what my biological family history looked like at all. I love my adopted family, but I really wanted to know! CRI Genetics helped solve the mystery for me.”

The DNA testing kits from CRI Genetics are currently up for sale for a discounted rate of $97 for a limited time only, discounted from $121.25. Lucrative CRI Genetics coupon deals are also available for the first time customers.

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About CRI Genetics:

CRI Genetics is the Genetics Research & Development division of Cellular Research Institute. Led by genetic research veteran Alexei Fedorov, they are dedicated to empowering people with knowledge about themselves. With three different DNA testing kits, the company helps individuals gain access to the latest advances in DNA analysis. 


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