New Sapra Film Debuts with 100k Views in Two Weeks

The film “Ishq Nashila” (Pak Chik Pak), starring  rapper and actor, Sapra, was released on Jan. 19, 2018 and quickly garnered 100,000 views on the Speed Records YouTube channel in its first two weeks. The film is a Bollywood dance song with a message and co-stars actress Rey Fakhri.

“Love trumps drugs!” said Sapra.

The film was released on India’s largest label, Times Music, and worldwide on iTunes and It also debuted on the Tapesh TV, the biggest Iranian television network. It was released to UK fans via PanJab Radio and in Canada on 102.7 High Voltage FM.

The dynamic film is being promoted worldwide and has been exceptionally well received in India. The film talks about choosing love over marijuana and follows Sapra’s attendance at a party as he uses his charm, words, and dance to convince his romantic interest to put aside marijuana and come away with him.

Love Trumps Drugs” is the theme of the film, produced by Zeekay Film Productions Pvt Ltd, Ab Chandra and Sapra. “Ishq Nashila” marks Sapra’s own debut on the screen after utilizing his skills to produce and direct music videos for a wide variety of popular artists. A man of many talents, Sapra raps and sings in Hindi and English, and has created four records of his own with different producers.

An accomplished musician, he’s been playing drums, tabla and tambourine since he was seven. Prior to the launch of his Bollywood dance song sensation, Sapra had already established a name for himself over the past 12 years. He’s hosted special events and performed in a wide variety of theatre productions in India before relocating in the U.S. where he attended some of the most prestigious acting and film schools.

The release of “Ishq Nashila” marks Sapra’s film debut and the response by fans has been overwhelmingly positive. The film has received rave reviews by individuals around the world who appreciate stunning visuals, showmanship and irresistible dance music delivered in jaunty and playful Sapra style.

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