Jason Rager and Rager Capital Partners Advise Green Stack Capital on a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Acquisition

Wilmington, DE – February 21, 2018 – At the end of 2017, Jason Rager and Rager Capital Partners successfully advised Green Stack Capital on a multi-million dollar real estate acquisition in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. More specifically, Green Stack Capital achieved its investment goals in December when the transaction was officially closed.

In the role of investment advisory, Jason Rager and Rager Capital Partners provided advice, capital structure recommendations, and financial guidance for Green Stack Capital. After the transaction was finally completed, Jason Rager talked about his partnership with Green Stack Capital: “It’s been a pleasure to help Green Stack Capital achieve its desired rate of return through an investment vehicle that has a low risk profile and significant tax advantages.”

Rager Capital Partners suggested the acquisition of a Single-Tenant Triple-Net property which is a purchase to which many investors have been turning to for some time now. But why is this type of property so valued in the real estate world and more importantly, why is it considered such a good investment?

Besides being a very stable asset, 100% of it is leased to a single tenant who pays all property expenses that include taxes, insurance and most likely maintenance. Unlike other properties that necessitate more attention and can consume a lot more time, the Single-Tenant Triple-Net property is a passive income investment that leaves the owner with only a few basic responsibilities.

Usually, individuals who invest in single-tenant properties are looking for superior returns and choose reliable and long-term tenants who will bring a steady and considerable income. Lease terms typically consist of 10-25 years, while one of the most important aspects that investors need to take into consideration when purchasing a Triple-Net property is how creditworthy are the future tenants. 

With a cash flow easy to anticipate, Single-Tenant Triple-Net properties are some of the most commonly evaluated and recommended by Rager Capital Partners to capital allocators, accredited investors, and fund managers.

About Rager Capital Partners

Headquarteredin Boston, MA, Rager Capital Partners is a private investment firm that offers individuals or investment fund managers the chance to accomplish substantial risk-adjusted returns by purchasing the right properties, franchises or even small companies that are full of potential.

The company’s board of directors advises and offers assistance to companies in many areas which include the following:

  • Establishing a unique strategy for every business
  • Creating management teams
  • Establishing financial and IT systems
  • Making sure that operations run smoothly
  • Ensuring that risks are managed and reduced
  • Guiding management in regards of business strategies, optimal operational effectiveness and proper administrating of the company’s budget
  • Identifying, evaluating and negotiating strategic acquisitions

Rager Capital Partners aims to help investors in their path of achieving their objectives faster, providing ongoing strategic, operational and financial support.

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