Introducing Reed Diffuser Sticks by Old Factory Candles

Columbus, Ohio – Old Factory Candles is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest product, Reed Diffuser Sticks. The company is well-known for its wax candles that are hand-poured and made from natural soy wax in the USA.

Reed diffusers add a continual flow of fragrance to the home or office, and are especially useful in restricted places where candles might be a hazard. The reeds work by soaking up the fragrance oil and dispersing the scent into the air. The fragrance lasts until all the oil evaporates.

Old Factory Candles Reed Diffuser Sticks come with a decorative glass diffuser jar and an aromatherapy scent. The material for the sticks is less prone to clogging than regular diffusers, and only premium quality fragrance oil is used.

The company’s debut scent is called “Fresh Linen.” It is premium quality and designed to make the home smell like clean laundry for up to three months.

“Our aromatherapy scents deliver a healthy, calming, subtle scent that just makes you feel good, especially our debut scent ‘Fresh Linen’,” says company spokesperson Pauline. “They last longer than most other brands, and don’t have that strong, artificial fragrance that can feel almost offensive to the senses. Our product is natural, pleasant, and attractive to look at, too.”

Reed diffusers have become increasingly popular in recent years for a variety of reasons. With no flames to worry about, they are practical, and the glass bottles are easy to refill. As Old Factory Candles points out, reed diffuser sticks make a much-appreciated gift for housewarmings, Mother’s or Father’s Days, wedding showers or birthdays. And they are not just for women. Men also appreciate the fact that a pleasing scent can make a home feel more inviting.

Old Factory Candles stands behind all of its products with an iron-clad guarantee. A full refund is offered in the unlikely event that a customer is not completely thrilled with the product.

To find out more about Old Factory Candles “Fresh Linen” Reed Diffuser Sticks, visit Amazon.

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