Enjoy Philip S Salisbury\’s story “A Time that was… Experiences of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa 1962-1964”.

Feb 21, 2018 – A time of unique experiences, deep friendships, and a cross-cultural experience. All of which are conveyed in A Time that was in a book by Philip S Salisbury.

This book is about an author who worked as a teacher and had a variety of experiences in Liberia and traveling in West Africa from 1962-1964. The author kept a diary for most of his tour of duty. The book reveals the day-to-day life of a Peace Corps Volunteer as well as that of students and villagers. The experiences are both diverse as well as unexpected. Reading this book results in a good perspective on the volunteer’s life and the culture he lived in. Furthermore, it provides many insights into Liberian culture Americo-Liberian culture, life in the hinterland, and how life contrasted with life in the United States. This book carries the reader from experience to experience. You’ll have a hard time setting it down.

The author says his experiences in the Peace Corps were both the best of my life and life-changing at the same time. I wrote about them as they brought back many fond memories and made it possible to convey the life-changing nature of the Peace Corps experience to other people. While each Peace Corps volunteer had a unique experience…most of my personal life there brought forward friends both in-country people, government, volunteers, and management. Because we were the first group sent to Liberia it was a first-time experience. The trailblazing nature of the Liberian I group stands in contrast to the experiences of today’s volunteers.   

This book is filled with a lot of imaginative illustrations written in well structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.

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About the author

Philip S. Salisbury has been president of Economic & Population Trends since July 2002. The focus of his professional career has been conducting research and evaluation projects through the use of experimental as well as longitudinal data to respond to federal and state policy questions.

He left college at the end of his junior year as he was eager to experience the “real world” and gain knowledge of another culture. His time in Liberia and West Africa allowed him to gain insights and experience of a developing part of the world. The depth of relationships with the people of the school and village where he taught and lived made an indelible imprint that has lasted a lifetime.

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