For February, Hoopla will feature the modern day, re-telling of childhood classic, Little Red Riding Hood – Tate Bunker’s ‘LITTLE RED’ – on their collection: “Library Lover’s Month”. Stream it now:

Los Angeles, CA – February 22, 2018 –

The perfect twist for your Valentine’s Day month.

With much appreciation, TriCoast Entertainment is excited to announce that Found the Ribbon Films and Director, Take Bunker’s ‘LITTLE RED’ – the modern day, re-telling of childhood classic, Little Red Riding Hood – has been chosen as a feature film on Hoopla’s February collection: “Library Lover’s Month”. 

Directed by Bunker (“Yellow Light”, “Starlite”, “Perceval”), ‘LITTLE RED’ is a cautionary tale that following 11-year-old Red (Hannah Obst), who escapes from her house and her parents’ rules and embarks alone from Wisconsin to Florida on a journey to Cumberland Island to see the wild horses.

Youthful and sheltered, Red soon crashes with real-world horrors and the middle-aged sexual predator, or the ‘Big Bad Wolf’, Lou (Mark Metcalf) who follows her on trip, lurking in every dark corner and creepy shadow, ready to take advantage of naïve, little Red.

“‘I thought she was such a strong character,’ said Obst. ‘She was brave, and although she was a vulnerable little girl trying to become a woman, she had so many different sides to her that it really drew me into the character,’” reported Urban Milwaukee.

Arriving in Daytona Beach, FL and struggling to survive, Red meets a traveling companion, surfer-girl Kayla (Paige Bunker) who joins Red on her destination to Cumberland Island.

Yet, both girls feel intense fright as Lou’s creepy presence continues to lurk nearby their travel path, as Red and Kayla realize they must work together to protect each other from the imminent conflicts ahead, watching and waiting for Lou’s time to strike.  

Will the girls work together to overcome the fears and challenges of traveling alone to find adventure and freedom in Cumberland Island? Or, will they allow Lou to create them into victims of the frightening, adult world?

Beautifully shot and rich with imagery,  ‘LITTLE RED” is a “quality, though often unsettling, spin on a classic tale. The film stays engaging even when the subject takes a turn for the dark, and somehow it all comes out of the darkness as being more about friendship and adventure than about sexual predators and prey,” wrote Film Threat

“LITTLE RED” debuted at the 2012 Milwaukee Film Festival, where the buzz on Bunker’s modern day adaptation of every innocent child’s favorite fairytale story first began. Since, “LITTLE RED” has found worldwide success with a collection of awards from prestigious film festivals, including Best Feature at the Canada International Film Festival, Best Feature Film at the 2013 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and at the Berlin Independent Film Festival, with theatricals throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

“It took more than five years to make, but in the end, Bunker said the risk was worth the reward, and it’s this message of going after your dreams despite not knowing what’s out there that Bunker believes is the most important to take away from the film. If he didn’t believe in this message himself, Little Red would never have been made,” wrote Urban Milkwalkee. 

Starring first-time actress as Red, Hannah Obst provides an excellent, and truly terrifying performance with as the lead role. Alongside stars Metclaf as Lou, (“Animal House”, “Drive Me Crazy”, “The Stupids”, “Seinfeld”), who encapsulates the cringe-worthy, creepy villain of the film. ‘LITTLE RED’ also features Red’s traveling companion and fearless sidekick, Paige Bunker (“Small Talk”), as well as Libby Amato (“Conversations”, “Dreams of Darkness”).

Watch the “LITTLE RED” trailer here: and for more information, please visit:  


LITTLE RED (2012, 81 min.) Directed by Tate Bunker. Editor: Tate Bunker. Cinematographer: Carlo Besasie. Original Music: Peter Batchelder. US, English. Found the Ribbon Films, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Found the Ribbon Films

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