Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Wowing the World

Active Wow Charcoal Powder Trending Social Media

People are smiling about the new charcoal teeth whitening product that is the new rage on social media.  The activated coconut charcoal powder natural teeth whitening that is available on the Active Wow website is already proving to be one of the hottest new items of 2018.

“We are thrilled that our charcoal teeth whitening product is so popular in such a short amount of time,” stated an Active Wow representative.  “It is practically flying off the shelves.  But it’s not surprising.  Who doesn’t want pearly white teeth?  When a natural product can get teeth as bright and white as this product does, people fall in love with it.  The best thing about this teeth whitening formulation is that… it works.”

Active Wow charcoal teeth whitening is being deemed as pure magic by its many fans worldwide.  The formulation is comprised of organic activated coconut (also known as activated charcoal), bentonite and orange seed oil.  The coconut contains the food-grade charcoal, the purest form available.  It actually pulls the stains off teeth through an adsorption process.  Bentonite, like that seen in facial mask formulas, is rich in minerals which naturally absorbs toxins.  The orange seed oil is a natural teeth whitening substance and is all natural as well.

The first step in the simple process is to slightly wet the toothbrush then remove excess water from it.  The toothbrush is then dipped into the Active Wow charcoal teeth whitening powder and any excess powder is dabbed off as a little goes a long way.  After brushing teeth as usual for a minute or two, the mouth is rinsed well and spit into the sink. Most see results in one or two brushings.

Here’s how it all works.  The naturally derived ingredients in the charcoal powder remove toxins and chemicals that are on the teeth’s surface.  Even the smallest microscopic particles are adsorbed which miraculously removes spots and discolorations.  Coffee, cigarette and wine stains disappear as well as other teeth-staining substances. 

But that’s not all the new teeth whitening formula does.  It also freshens bad breath and is conducive to maintaining good oral health.  Now, that’s even more to smile about.

The Active Wow charcoal powder is gentle, unlike other teeth whitening products of the past.  It is natural and can even be used twice per day.  Once the level of desired whitening is reached, it can be maintained with occasional use of the whitener.

The website is overflowing with raving reviews of the product and video instructions on how to use it as well.  Information on the process and ingredients used are available in detail on the site too.

To find out more about the charcoal teeth whitening product or to make a purchase, visit the Active Wow website at:

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