Philly Recovery Residence speaks of hope in the midst of drug overdose death Epidemic

Philadelphia Recovery Residence has promised to wage a strong fight against drug overdose death epidemic today by transitioning addicts to a healthy addiction-free life amidst its unique and structured sober living space.

Philadelphia, PA – February 22, 2018 – Drug overdose deaths are reaching to staggering heights with rate of casualties peaking to an alarming 18% high over the past few years. In Philadelphia alone, there have been 70 deaths in just 30 days in the final quarter of 2017! However, there is still some good news amidst such gory details. Leading Philadelphia Sober Living center Philly Recovery Residence has assured to extend a new lease of life to drug addicts by transforming them into a healthy productive life through its unique and  structured sober living environment.

“Drug overdose deaths have reached to an alarming high of late and unless we don’t take a action now – it will be too late. One of the main reasons behind such ghastly occurrences is lack of initiative in treating the addict and nudging him/her towards a positive course of life. And this is where our Philadelphia Recovery House comes in. We are committed to help addicts break their vicious cycle of addiction through open-mindedness, honesty and willingness in our exclusive structured sober living environment”, stated a leading spokesperson from Philly Recovery Residence.

The leading recovery center is aspired to make parents take a pro-active approach about inspiring their addict children towards recovery. 

“Yes, it’s unfortunate to see your children turning into drug addicts. But we want to tell parents that it’s not end of the world. With our collective help, we can transition our children into a healthy drug-free life and together we can stop the heinous drug overdose death epidemic plaguing us today. The bottomline is- you, the parents, have to reach out for the right addiction recovery assistance.” 

Residents at Philly Recovery Residence are taken through a 12-step fellowship. The fellowship program is uniquely designed to help an addict experience recovery, regardless of his current situation. After the completion of the 12-step fellowship program, the community members attain a new set of tools that help them to beat any issue related to sobriety at any phase of their lives. 

The recovery residence believes that drug or alcohol addiction covers a 3-fold illness- Physical, Mental and Spiritual. What separates Philly Recovery Residence from other regular recovery centers is that it aims to treat all these 3 aspects of the illness.

“What makes our recovery approach more efficient is that we are dedicated to cover each individual aspect of the addiction illness. This way, we can ensure a comprehensive recovery for our residents.”

Philly Recovery Residence has assured a safe and secured environment for its residents with full furnished houses. All houses are powered with modern amenities like flat screen HD TVs, well-stocked kitchen, washer, dryer, high-speed wireless internet and so on. Other facilities available for the residents include:

  • Relapse prevention workshop
  • Group activities
  • Random weekly drug testing
  • Assistance with job search & resume building
  • Assistance in building living skills like accountability, discipline, self-discipline
  • And more

Part of the uniqueness of Philly Recovery Residence lays in its assistance to addicts in getting in touch with Philadelphia Rehab Centers.

“Before an individual enters our recovery house, we need him/her to complete inpatient detoxification and residential treatment. We share a great rapport with several leading rehabs and we can help you get in touch with them easily.”

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