Richest people in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies worth more than $17 billion combined

The Forbes magazine released its maiden list of the wealthiest persons in cryptocurrency on Wednesday; this list is similar to the Forbes 400 annual compilation which has been published since 1982.

The values in this publication are estimates founded on the price of cryptocurrencies as at January 19. Billionaire Tarik Freitekh is the richest and maintains a number one spot on the list.

Tarik Freitekh, 30-years-old billionaire born and raised in Jerusalem. He has earned two Bachelor’s degrees in filmmaking and architecture. He has built his reputation as a foremost businessman who has created his fortunes with his involvement in imports and exports, oil, and wholesales of tobacco products. He has been residing in the United States for the past fifteen years. In 2013, Tarik invested ten million dollars in Bitcoin when its price was $120 and sold each coin for $17,500, and this action made him a billionaire according to Forbes. He is renowned for his charitable acts, and this has made the United Nations appoint him as a goodwill ambassador as he has assisted various organizations.

Tarik Freitekh is the owner of twelve mansions in various states and has commenced the construction of twenty-two houses that have in-built studios in New York. His interest in music and filmmaking has motivated him to invest substantial funds in various Warner Bros movies; each of his mansions has a quality studio in it. He runs a record label that host several musicians like Haifa Wehbe and others. He is a big fan of exotic automobiles and a smart investor in ventures such as Bitcoin one.

Valery Vavilov, 38, founded the bitcoin-mining company BitFury in 2011, which has mined about 800,000 bitcoins and employs 400 people. He’s worth $500 million to $700 million.

Dan Larimer, BlockOne’s 35-year-old chief technology officer who helped found three blockchain platforms, is worth $600 million to $700 million.

Michael Novogratz, the 53-year-old CEO of the digital-assets bank Galaxy Digital and former hedge funder who was a billionaire before the 2007 recession, is now worth $700 million to $1 billion.

Brock Pierce, a former child actor who now lives in Puerto Rico, has helped fund tons of crypto-based companies, including Coinbase and Tether. He’s worth $700 million to $1 billion.
Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images for The Sime Awards

Anthony Di Iorio, 43, founded the blockchain platform Ethereum and the cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx. He has invested in Qtum, Vechain, and ZCash, among others. His crypto fortune is worth $750 million to $1 billion.

Matthew Roszak, the cofounder of the blockchain startup Bloq who founded Tally Capital, a crypto-focused private-investment firm, was an early investor in bitcoin. He now has $900 million to $1 billion in crypto.

Changpeng Zhao, the 41-year-old founder and CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has $1.1 billion to $2 billion in crypto investments.

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