Author’s new book “I Am Bathsheba” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Lex Allen for Readers’ Favorite

I Am Bathsheba by L.J. Minx puts a profound spin on the ages-old story of King David and Queen Bathsheba. The biblical story of David and Bathsheba includes nuances of adultery and promiscuous sex, but L.J. takes that tale a dozen steps further to draw out eroticism heretofore found only in underground publications that describe taboo acts locked away as secrets among the royals of the world. Ms. Minx adds flavoring to the story with a mix of magic, fantasy, imagination, and the erotic love to be found among the practitioners of BDSM, especially Dominant/submissive relationships. Postulating the Bible stories to be historically factual, L.J. Minx has written a superbly detailed and plotted erotic/alternate history novel that will surely resonate with its audience and arouse not only the interest, but the libido among those of both secular and religious circles.

I Am Bathsheba unfolds through the points of view of the four main characters; King David, Queen Bathsheba, their son Solomon, and Bathsheba’s selected heir-apparent, Abishag (aka Abby). While not a thriller, the suspense and the eroticism will keep readers turning the pages as fast as they can read. I was completely enamored of all four characters, empathetic or sympathetic as the situation dictated, and fascinated by Ms. Minx’s talent in describing sexual scenes without the use of a single “F” word or any of the vernacular terms for human genitalia. Bathsheba’s philosophy and belief in several gods was impeccably portrayed and I believe many readers will connect with this concept over that of the relevant omnipresent God of the Abrahamic religions. While erotic love and sex are prime elements in the story, there are equal amounts of drama, intrigue, mystery, and suspense to satisfy all fans of those genres. The story concludes satisfactorily and the major plot lines are wrapped up, while leaving a tiny cliffhanger leading into what will surely be a sequel. I hope so and I can’t wait for it! I am deeply impressed with L.J. Minx and with no reservations recommend I Am Bathsheba to all mature readers.”

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