Delve into the exciting story of “While We Are Absent One from Another” by Dr. Joyce D Hightower.


Vacaville, CA – 22nd February, 2018 – This is the final book in the engaging international adventure trilogy, spanning 70 years. The people you have come to know and love from the two previous books face new struggles we identify with today, and others we hope to never see. You hold your breath, as you watch them hope against hope that bad things will work out for good purposes. The intriguing and unexpected results, compel them to consider life attitude changes.


The author says thisbook is an exploration of what happens when principles of truth are used as the guide for practical daily behavior and in search for true life satisfaction.


Filled with vividly imaginativeillustrations based on actual locations, the writingsurrounds you with a vibrant virtual experience. It is guaranteed to wow you and to keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipationas you turneach page.



About the author

Joyce D. Hightower, a medical doctor, author and international health consultant, was raised in rural Southern California. As a young adult, mother of three and secondary school teacher, she lived seven years in rural Kenya, before returning home to attend medical school.

Her desire to reach beyond borders remained on the back burner, until her children were adults.  An unexpected invitation came to go the Democratic Republic of Congofor three-week project which began a life changing journey. Subsequently, she moved there and over nine years  and many activities, she began a project to provide fororphans and build earning capacity for widows.

Her work in the community led to working for an international organization, promoting health quality and safety. In order to effectively serve as many as possible, she embraced the fast-paced learning curve required to appreciate and maneuver successfully through many different cultures, concepts and devastating diseases. She has spent the last 10 years working closely with national officials and hospital staff in over thirty countries in Africa. 

She shares her wealth of experiences through writing books, songs and poems, singing, and teaching and public presentations. The funds generated from these activities help support projects in various countries.

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