The Most Powerful 2018 Cybersecurity Threat? Fileless Malware, CyberByte Says

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – February 22nd, 2018 – An emerging threat with the potential to attack systems “from all directions, without warning”, has been closely monitored by CyberByte’s expert cybersecurity team: fileless malware.

The term refers to a type of malware that comes in the form of an otherwise legitimate and inconspicuous Word or Excel file, which in fact contains no malware, but rather a hyperlink, that, when clicked, downloads, remotely, a remote kind of malware, through the use of a Powershell script.

In addition to fileless malware, another looming threat is the deployment of botnets that steal computer power, in order to mine cryptocurrency, as well as AI that facilitates the generation of social engineering messages. The former threat allows cybercriminals to further control infected devices to grow their network of compromised systems exponentially, thus succeeding in expanding their operations in an almost perfectly concealed manner.

“Cybersecurity exploits are becoming more sophisticated, and there is an explicit need for increased vigilance and advanced solutions,” said Mr. Popescu Calin, CyberByte CEO.

“At present time, there is no available means to determine whether a Word or Excel file can potentially be a fileless malware. Until X-ray detection methods are developed to identify such malware, users can safeguard their systems from cybersecurity attacks by downloading files strictly from reliable sources, and using the latest antivirus software, which will help block numerous other threats that can compromise their devices.”

CyberByte offers a free download version of its OPSWAT-certified antivirus software, which is available for Windows and Mac, so that users can get a glimpse of its efficacy in detecting and eliminating various cybersecurity threats, which range from serious malware threats, to novel browser extensions which are used to mine cryptocurrency.

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