NuLife4D and their Life4D Token Launch their ICO, Soon Printing a Human Heart On Demand Will No Longer be Sci-Fi

Los Angeles – Feb 23rd, 2018 – Heart disease is the #1 killer in the U.S., causing one in every three deaths for women and one in four for men. NuLife4D brings some ground-breaking science and technology breakthroughs that have helped change, and even save, people’s lives who are suffering with disabilities and illnesses.

How NuLife4D new software technology will help save lives across the world to develop a 3D bio-printer software on the Ethereum blockchain, the first of its kind in the world, that could replace a patient’s damaged cells after a heart attack. When patients come into the clinic, they would provide their doctor with their cells from their skin. Those cells can generate stem cells and then heart cells. The resulting patch of beating cardiac cells can be stuck directly to a damaged organ following an attack. In order to be sure the patch is the right size and shape, each patient’s heart is first scanned. In the U.S. alone, more than 200,000 citizens are on a transplant waiting list but do not qualify due to disqualifying and un-banked factors. NuLife4D is committed to perfecting the software technology to make viable organ replacement a safe, accessible and affordable reality on the blockchain.

When it comes to changing lives for the better, there are some incredible procedures and creations available to those in need. These are things that I had no idea existed until they were mentioned to me or were highlighted in the news. This is where NuLife4D comes into the picture. Heart transplants are rarer than the common kidney transplant or otherwise, and finding a donor, particular for younger children, can be incredibly tough.

Join the “Act of Hearts” project, NuLife4D is very excited about the overwhelming support we have received as featured articles, fast company, and nearly 10 other major blockchain publications in just the past week. Several thousand individuals have already indicated in investing, and the opportunity to become an investing partner has finally arrived.

To learn more about this ICO or purchasing tokens for investment purposes, visit their official website at

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