Magoutech launches the new Magoutech Angle Template Tool Aluminum on Amazon

Popular maker of high-quality DIY tools, Magoutech, announces the launch of its new product – the Magoutech Angle Template Tool Aluminum

Magoutech is a leading brand in the construction industry, with a wide range of construction products particularly designed to aid builders and homeowners in their home projects, as well as other such DIY enthusiasts. The company recently announced the launch of its new product – the Magoutech Angle Template Tool Aluminum designed to aid users in completing several home projects in good time.

Taking measurements and readings of things are everyday activities that are done on basically everything. However, as easy as these tasks might seem, many individuals sometimes find it difficult to get the accurate measurement. This is usually due to the use of the wrong measuring tool. This is where Magoutech’s angle template tool is unique and helpful.

Designed to help users reduce the time in completing projects, the angle template tool allows users to measure tricky and hard to trace angles with little or no effort. The tool is also great for all kinds of measurements including radius cuts, plumb cuts, bulls-eyes, curves and many other distinctive shapes.

The improved angleizer is an adjustable multi-angle measuring ruler with large metal knobs, two features that allow users to enjoy the perfect thickness and avoid the risk of bending or damaging the tool, as compared to ordinary thin or plastic rulers.

The tool provides users with a solid grip, with the metal knobs providing the comfort and security that guarantee keeping a perfect angle or circle measure when tightening the knobs. The features also ensure that users can easily transfer the shape to a replicate, helping to further reduce the time spent on projects.

The durability of the tool stems from the fact that it is made using premium aluminum alloy, providing the strength and durability required in a superior quality measuring tool. The tool combines durability with strength and precision to provide the perfect template angle measurement ruler.

Avaialble on Amazon, the tool is already receiving accolades from users. “Outstanding Quality. The high quality Materials, Construction with Neet Carry bag reflect, the seller’s attitude. This is an excellent value.”

The Magoutech Angle Template Tool comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee from the manufacturer, with a 1 year free replacement warranty.

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