2018 Chinese New Year: 22 Chinese Brands Take Over NASDAQ, New York

New York – On February 16th, 2018, the Chinese New Year was not the only celebration for China, as 22 Chinese brands made their presence felt on the NASDAQ screen in New York’s Times Square. This was the first time that Chinese brands had enjoyed this type of exposure, especially at the world’s busiest business hub, Times Square.

China is a growing superpower in every aspect, so it comes as no surprise that Chinese companies are making a global impact in most industries. This NASDAQ LED screen display was a visual brand strategy, aimed at enhancing brand visibility at an international level. It’s also expected to bring in a new wave of credibility and promotions for the 22 brands displayed, as well as for Chinese companies in general. With so many Chinese companies already enjoying a large market share, this trend is expected to grow further. 

Many representatives and officials are happy to be a part of this great event. Fiona Ma, former Speaker Pro Tempore of the California State Assembly and State Treasurer candidate, is also here to witness this great event. She wishes Chinese people a Happy New Year and multiple accomplishments in 2018!

The NASDAQ LED display is one of the most iconic sights in New York. It’s one of those things that immediately grabs your attention, and it’s impossible to go unnoticed. The NASDAQ LED display is said to be the most powerful digital display in the world. it is in the heart of Times Square, a location that welcomes 1.5 million people a day.

Speaking to the reporters, the US China Brand founder, Snow (Xiaoxue) Qu, said that this is a very important step towards overseas visibility. The promotion also helps with building brand identity for Chinese companies. As a result, it will generate great profits for the brands, and for the Chinese market in general. 

Snow (Xiaoxue) Qu said that, in keeping with global trends, such dramatic initiatives would enhance brand identity and visibility overseas. With huge increasing market competition in every field, this “larger than life” branding and promotion initiative has had a positive impact, and will continue bringing in great benefits for the brands that made it to the NASDAQ screen.

Here’s a list of the 22 Chinese companies and celebrities who took over the NASDAQ screen in New York’s Times Square during the Chinese New Year on February 16th, 2018:

US China Brand (A premier provider of disruptive public relations services and social media marketing services; The best internet marketing company working on both the U.S. and Chinese markets)   

China USA International Trading Association

Zhong Shi Jin Cheng (China’s most professional micro-film production company; The only designated operating agency for the CCTV micro-film culture channel; The CCTV Xin Ying Group affiliated enterprise)

Guo Mai Cultural Media Co., Ltd. (The company published work by Han Han, Zhongtian Yi, Geling Yan, Chongda Cai, Haochen Zhang, and other famous writers; Producer of The Continent, Ever Since We Love, Surprise, and Duckweed)

Zheshang Securities (The most innovative securities firm with the highest growth power in the industry)

Ping++ (Top 50 Chinese Fintech company; Received millions of U.S. dollars in investments from top VCs)

Deepsheet.net (China’s #1 online spreadsheet creator)

Inheritor Cell Technology (USA) INC. (Stem cells change lives; The world’s first multinational corporation passed two FDA’ phase III clinical trials)

Chinese Ticket Box (The biggest Chinese company in the U.S. organizing performances; Organized the concert tour for the China National Song and Dance Troupe in the U.S., the Jay Chou’ s world tour concert, stage show Wu Ze Tian by Xiaoqing Liu, and National Color by the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe)

Chinese Movie I am Handsome (Director: Hai Huang; Produced by Hai Ying Ding Sheng. Movie and Culture Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.)

2018 Chinese Youku Official Movie Legendary Detective Yao Jie Si (Director: Wenbin Tian; Producer: Qian Tang Ying Hua (Beijing) Media Co., Ltd.)

Chuchu Style (A North American Chinese models fashion group)

Lavender Hot Pot (The most popular hot pot brand in the U.S.)

Han, Ting (Ambassador of the US-China Cultural Center; International youth alto singer; Beijing Youth Federation member; Changping district CPPCC member; Vice Chairman of the Musicians Association)

Gao, Yalin (Chief producer of In the Name of People, the most popular TV series in China for the last 10 years, with 38 billion online views; Famous producer, director, and actor)

Dr. Yihua An (World famous stem cell therapist; The world’s first founder of a stem cell transplantation department; The first person to use stem cells clinically in China)

Zou, Ying (“Person of the Year” of the 2017 China Investment Bank Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award; CEO of the Investment Banking Department of Zheshang Securities Co., Ltd.)

Dr. Sun, Fei (Famous Chinese economist; “Godfather of Financial Trust”)

Liu, Xiaoqing (The #1 bird painting artist in China)

He, Chengxi (Chinese celebrity; “Super Girl Fan Bingbing”)

Hu, Wenjing (The #1 Chinese social media influencer in the U.S.)

Li, Ziming (Top 4 winner in Emil Chau’ s group for CCTV3’s “Sing My Song”; Top 6 winner in North America for the “The Voice” held by the Zhejiang TV Station; Hollywood film composer; Independent singer/songwriter/producer)

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