GRITty Stuff launches new unique Leather Planner

Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc. owned GRITty Stuff, launches new product – the GRITty Stuff Leather Planner on Amazon

GRITty Stuff is a lifestyle products company known for making innovative tools that drive success of businesses and individuals. The company recently announced the launch of its new product – the GRITty Stuff Leather Planner, designed for more effective and easier executive and personal planning. The GRITty Stuff Leather Planner has been subsequently launched on Amazon, allowing anyone from across the globe to purchase the unique planning tool.

The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized and the foundation of planning is being able to put down information in a way that can be easily remembered and implemented. This is where the GRITty Stuff Leather Planner is particularly helpful. The non-dated 1 year planner is unique as it comes with flexibility, allowing planners to use it for any calendar year.

Designed for men and women, each section of the planner has a Planning and Reflection part that allows users to plan as well as reflect on their goals and how well they have done in achieving the set goals.

The planner is comprehensive, with 12 monthly calendar views, 52 weeks and 365 days views. The planner is particularly unique as it comes with motivational quotes to keep users inspired all day every day.

Other unique features of the planner include a 100-page journal with lined and unlined pages, 3 Ribbon place holders and step-by-step instructions to help users reach their goals, with on-line bonus resources included.

The Black Leather A5 planner is designed to boost productivity and create a happy life for users, with a proven system for executive and personal use that allows them to start a vision, set goals, and follow it through to accomplishment.

Available on Amazon, the product is already receiving 5 star reviews and accolades from users. “This planner is BOSS! A lot fatter than I thought it was, which was a nice bonus. Not too heavy, either. Feels like I’m carrying around my favorite book! The pages in the beginning that help me plan my goals are great, and I love that the planner is undated and flexible. The planning pages are broken out by month and week with three marking ribbons to hold my place. My favorite part is the self-reflection elements. There is section to track my potential obstacles on the monthly section and a space for reflection on the weekly pages. Self-reflection is definitely something I fail to do (and always try to work on). Really nice product!” says Marco Ballatori.

The GRITty Stuff Leather Planner is available on Amazon for less than $35, with a 25% discount offer currently going on.

About GRITty Stuff

GRITty is a lifestyle products company creating cool tools for success. The company was founded by the author of Leading with GRIT®, Laurie Sudbrink, who is also the founder of Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc. – Inspiring Action and Accountability with Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth, as well as the owner of proprietary GRIT® training series for leadership, team-building and communications. 

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