Telecom firm celebrating 15 years of providing quality service and support to customers, once again “raises the bar.”

Offering companies the ability to get telecommunications quotes in 60 minutes from all available providers for connections up to a 100GIG.

Etna, Ohio – Buckeye Telecom is proud to announce they will be celebrat- ing 15 years of existence on February 24, 2018. Since establishment in 2003, the company has been providing businesses with telecom services including Internet, SD-WAN, Hosted Phones and Managed Security. They specialize in Telecom Project Management and ensure that customers take advantage of the best price, and utilize the latest technology avail- able. Buckeye works with more than 100 carriers, and provide quotes to your business in 60 minutes. Giving companies access to these quotes quickly enables them to compare pricing without having to call all providers.

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“For the past 15 years, we have been providing businesses with the best pricing and services for their telecom needs. We understand the entire industry and how it works, which is why we have been able to create a system that is effective, time-saving and money saving. Our team will help your business find the perfect telecom service to suit your needs for now and for the future. We provide you with the same quotes offered by direct representatives, without having to call everyone. We do it in a 60 minute timeframe,” said Jonathan A. Eubanks, President of Buckeye Telecom.

Being in the telecom service industry for 15 years and remaining reliable and relevant is a commendable achievement. It shows how capable the company has been in delivering the kind of service that makes clients feel completely satisfied. In celebrating 15 years of business, Buckeye Telecom again “raises the bar” and offers the public, 60-minute telecommunications quote access from all providers for cable connections up to 100GIG fiber. By doing this, it ensures customers get the best pricing for their telecom services fast and efficient so they can make quick business decisions. The quote service is free and is the same pricing as the direct reps.

“Before coming to Buckeye Telecom, I always used the direct reps. It was frustrating that once I got to know my rep, they ended up moving on. I heard about using a telecom agency for my services and took the plunge. I called Buckeye Telecom, spoke to Jonathan, and he then directed me on how his company works. We did chose to work with his company, and have since 2009. Thank you, Jonathan, for all of your help,” said Adam K, a customer.

About Buckeye Telecom Inc.

Buckeye Telecom Inc. is a telecom company based in Etna, Ohio. Since 2003, the company has been providing hundreds of medium-sized businesses and Fortune 100 companies, with the best telecom service. They also work with more than 100 carriers and vendors to ensure their clients get the best service that suits them.

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Company Name: Buckeye Telecom Inc.
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