JUlaVIE Revolutionizes the Juicing Industry with Innovative Waste-Less Technology, for Perfect Cold Pressed Juice

Shanghai, China – Following a recent rebranding, juicer makers JUlaVIE, formally known as Juisir, are challenging big names in the juicer industry with their innovative waste-less technology. Often, the effort involved in cleaning a machine puts consumers off juicing – much to the detriment of their health. Juicing is a great way for an individual to get more essential nutrients and minerals than they ever couldthrough eating alone. JUlaVIEhas developed a system for consumers to juice without having to worry about the clean-up.

A JUlaVIE juicer includes a special bag for juicing, so consumers can make the finest cold pressed juice at home. The innovation lies in the fact that the machine doesn’t require cleaning. Instead, it is as simple as putting fruit and vegetables in the juice bag, clipping the bag into the machine and closing the cover, pressing the button, and in only 90 seconds, enjoy a delicious glass of cold pressed juice.

The two types of bags that can be used with a JUlaVIE juicer are both environmentally friendly, which is a big bonus for a conscientious consumer. Both types of bags, the reusable bag and the prep and press bag, can be recycled. The reusable bag can be used over 1000 times, and merely requires a rinse when one juice is finished, so as to be ready for the next juice. The prep and press bag can be made in advance and stored to be used later and can be reused up to five times. Once the bags are sent to be recycled, they are much easier to break down and recycle than other plastics, because of the material they are made from.

As well as being an environmentally conscious choice, the JUlaVIE juicer produces a highly nutritious cold pressed juice. The JUlaVIE boasts over 8 tons of force, which means every drop of juice that can be yielded from the fruit or vegetable is extracted. Minimal use of heat in the juice extraction process better preserves nutrients, which means an extremely healthy glass of juice for the consumer. In using a JUlaVIE, the fibrous pulp is extracted, which means the body doesn’t have to work to digest nutrients, and instead gets an immediate burst of toxin-busting nutrients, increasing health and vitality.

The makers of JUlaVIE have truly changed the game by developing a juicer that requires no clean-up, and delivers a highly nutritional cold pressed juice.

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