Kent Company Synecore Emerges as Industry Leader in M&E Contracting

Kent, United Kingdom – There are countless concerns and considerations clients must face when attempting to locate a contractor for mechanical or electrical concerns. Cost efficiency, trustworthiness, skill, experience, and environmental impact are among these considerations. Attempting to gauge a company’s ability to check off all of these boxes can be especially difficult, but the continued success of Kent business Synecore with large, national clients, as well as smaller, local companies speaks to the level of expertise and customer service they bring to each individual client.

As an M&E contractor, Synecore serves countless clients of varying size and location. They offer more than simply electrical and mechanical contracting though, branching into air conditioning, refrigeration and cold rooms, and plumbing as well. This wide array of quality services, which can be found at,speaks to the skill and experience level of each individual staff member. Employees at this company draw on years of experience in the industry, as well as competitive training in a number of different fields including M&E engineering in order to provide the best service to each client.

Synecore not only caters to the client, but they also tailor their services, methods, and techniques in order to remain eco-friendly. A comprehensive list of their efforts toward environmental friendliness can be found at They utilize paperless systems, office recycling, and even created the ability to monitor systems remotely, so that site visits don’t need to be as frequent. They also incentivize the choice many clients make to replace R22, which is an ozone depleting gas located in older refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These steps taken to reduce environmental impact are ground breaking for this type of M&E contractor.

In addition to their devotion to remaining an eco-friendly company, M&E contractor Synecore makes great strides in the industry for quality customer service. The prioritization of customer service and providing clients with cost-effective service is something many companies simply don’t take the time to do. The continuous support and success of clients, as well as the rate of returning clients speak to the level of customer service Synecore provides. From designers and M&E engineers to project managers, clients have attested that every staff member is personable and is truly looking out for the best interest of each individual client or company.

This level of individual attention, as well as the efforts made for cost efficiency and the devotion to environmental friendliness are all key factors that have brought this company and their clients so much success over the years. It is the culmination of these services that have led to this Synecore being recognized as an industry leader.

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