Women Are Getting Into Bitcoin, Thanks To A Crypto Gaming Company

With females representing less than 4% of the crypto world, a Toronto, Canada based company has decided to help bridge the gap by hiring mostly females and providing free education and training about digital currency. Some of the females are college interns and high school students who are as young as 14.

The company Bitcoin Jackpot plans to heavily support crypto related sciences, specifically organizations that are developing improvements to the way the whole crypto ecosystem works including government lobbying and advocacy with a special emphasis on getting females involved in Bitcoin and Altcoins. 

“We are trying to get girls crazy about crypto,” says CryptoPriest, the Founder, and CEO. “We currently work with 5 females and have forced them to watch endless bitcoin-related videos on YouTube, Princeton University video lecture series and we’ve shown them how to buy and sell bitcoin, and withdraw from local Bitcoin ATM or exchange for services. They each have a wallet of their choice and have to choose monthly ICO’s and argue their choices.”

CryptoHailey, for example, is 15 years old and when she heard about Bitcoin, her eyes lit up. Her favorite thing to do now is to sell her BTC and withdraw fiat at an ATM and her second favorite is to send Christmas presents to orphans through Operation Christmas Child, something she hopes to fund this year purely through BTC.

CryptoDiv is 17 and holds the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets. She’s going into Criminology next semester and her main goal is to derive an income from crypto, enough to pay for 4 years of college so that she can graduate debt free.

CryptoDel is an 18-year-old gym rat who’s involved in every sport including wrestling. She’s a very tough girl. She wears fancy dresses with running shoes. She got into Bitcoin because her mom is forcing her to teach English in South Korea for a year and she’s hoping to strike it rich so that she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t even understand Bitcoin but she’s happy to be a part of the team and participate alongside skilled crypto enthusiasts.

Each female on the team evangelizes their female friends about Bitcoin and that’s how the gender gap will be solved. More information and biographies of other team members are available on company’s official website. The users can also interact with the team members through their social media and email profiles. 

For more information visit the official website.

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