iReal Games Highlighting New Browser Games With a Distinct Platform

Thousands of Games Available In Various Genres

Portland, OR – February 26, 2018 – iReal Games is currently promoting its extensive array of new games for various entertainment purposes. The company is highlighting its work for website and mobile, who need a quality series of games with a simple and effective platform.

iReal Games believes that gaming should be something that people of all ages can enjoy. It is with this that the company is making various games in assorted genres from casino games to board games and everything else in between.

iReal Games has various action games for people to check out. These include games where people can fight zombies, Vikings, and other things.

Adventure games are also available through iReal Games. These are games where players have to go around and complete a series of objectives or make their way through some challenging obstacles.

Racing games are available with many of them involving thrilling cars. These include some of the fastest sports cars around. Players can also enjoy fighting games where people can compete with others in fun combat situations.

There are games for boys and girls alike. Boys can enjoy fun games involving zombie hunting and construction equipment, while girls can play with dress-up games and pet simulators among other things. The games for girls and boys are different, but they all come with some fun things that players can enjoy.

The controls for these games are also easy to handle with a traditional keyboard and mouse. These include controls for shooting games that work with a mouse to control how a player can shoot after others on the field.

The thrill of gaming is alive with iReal Games. The company is looking to market its games and make them available on various websites. The games are easy to load and can be played on various web browsers. These games can also work on most mobile devices directly through individual mobile browsers.

Best of all, the company is consistently releasing new games. The latest games can be found on the front page of the iReal Games website.

Additional information on the games people can play along with through iReal Games can be found online at

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