Free Marketplace Gonomy is Disrupting the Consulting Procurement World

Gonomy connects freelancers, consultants and businesses, making the Contract Procurement market accessible to millions.

Competitive businesses today need outside help more than ever. The economic landscape too is changing with the arrival of more startups and innovative companies every day. On the other hand, there is no shortage of experienced consultants and freelancers who are willing to share their expertise and insights to make businesses grow. Gonomy is the new marketplace where businesses and consultants can find each other easily, and achieve the best outcomes for growth.

Gonomy is filing up a huge gap when it comes to hiring freelancers and consultants. Until now, businesses have faced a major hurdle in finding an online procurement marketplace where they could hire a consultant or consulting team to come into their office, know their business, and get work done.

Not anymore, as Gonomy now provides a free platform to do just that. Introducing Gonomy, a FREE marketplace and community where U.S based companies and consultants can find one another. Gonomy is changing the procurement game for Consultants, Freelancers, and the Companies they serve. Gone are the days of the “Good Ole’ Boys” Network when you had to know someone to run and grow a business.

Gonomy has simplified the way companies and consultants find and work with each other. Companies post their needs on Gonomy, whether it is an office redesign, marketing campaign, plans for expanding their business, or help with outsourcing their financial work. Consultants in their area send in competitive proposals and pricing to solve those needs. The company gains access to a competitive marketplace, while consultants gain access to an expanded network of clients.

“We live in an era where we operate in the “now” and everything is at our fingertips. So why should our contract procurement market remain offline and disconnected from the business world?” says Gonomy Founder and CEO, Renn Pfeiffer.

In the age of the marketplace, where anything can be found online with a few clicks, Gonomy is building the first network of consultants, freelancers and services that are available round the clock. Welcome to the new future of business, growth and opportunities.

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