Latest research highlights five essential micronutrients causing deficiency in Adults and children worldwide

Taking good care of health is the primary concern of an individual. Being healthy, physically and mentally, promotes overall wellbeing and efficiency to perform the daily activity. lists on their site the Latest developments in health and nutrition studies that have resulted in highlighting 5 Vitamins and Minerals that greatly affect human wellbeing.

Whether it’s an elder person or a child, health issues occur at all age group. The diseases may vary for male, female or children but intake of right vitamins and micronutrients from daily food items is the basic building block of a healthy life

 Proper diet and change in nutritional intake can help fight any health condition. Similarly, micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are very essential for overall development, boosting immunity and wellbeing of children. US health authority, Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC), in their latest research found that 6 out of 10 children aged between 6 months to 5 years worldwide are suffering from a deficiency of atleast one micronutrient.

CDC further states that this deficiency of micronutrients is not only with children from poor family rather children from resource-rich families are also suffering from deficiency. These deficiency, if overlooked, may lead to serious health issues in the future. CDC in their report have given 5 micronutrients that are prominently found deficient in children and therefore it is required to add foods rich with these micronutrients in the regular diet of the children.

Vitamin A – As per CDC statement, the deficiency of vitamin A can lead to hair and skin dryness along with impairment in the growth of bones. With the proper introduction of Vitamin A in the child’s diet will help in the development of strong bones and teeth along with providing healthy skin. Some of the few foods rich in vitamin A are milk, yogurt, cheese, carrots, cantaloupe and pistachio nuts.

Vitamin D – According to World Health Organization, Vitamin D is the essential micronutrient for developing children as it supports effective immune system and bone metabolism. Severe deficiency of Vitamin D can lead a child to life-threatening diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and bronchiolitis. Eggs, cheese, and fishes like mackerel and salmon are a very rich source of vitamin D.

Iron – It might be a surprise to many but one of the most common nutrition deficiency all around the world is iron deficiency. CDC in their research found that 50% of children worldwide are suffering from it. Also known as Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) leads to impaired cognitive development. Foods that are a good source of iron include green leafy vegetables, beans, and chicken.

Iodine – CDC reported that around 2 billion people worldwide are suffering from iodine deficiency. Iodine is an important mineral that helps in producing thyroid hormones. Due to its deficiency, children’s development of the nervous system is affected. Though iodine is very essential but it cannot be easily found in our household foods. Some rich sources of iodine are dairy products and seafood.

Zinc – World Health Organization has reported that zinc is the most important nutrient for overall wellbeing as it improves immunity and provides infection resistance. WHO has also rated zinc as the key mineral for better growth of kids as it supports weight gain and height growth in them. Zinc can be found in good amounts in foods like nuts, beans, and some dairy products.

This latest and conclusive report on these micronutrients and their vital role in our and children’s health was shared by Herbals Daily, a health blog created by four enthusiastic youths with expertise in various health conditions. Their endeavor is to cover such new developments in human nutrition as well as other herbal health and nutrition topics, including prominent home remedies to fight various health and skin problems. It delivers latest updates in the health industry.

Herbal Daily aims to support the good health of an individual through right food selection, intake of proper nutrients and vital home remedies to treat various health conditions. This health blog with its research and analysis presents useful and worthy nutritional facts to make individual’s search an easy task. Because awareness and hence Inclusion of the right Vitamins, Minerals and micro nutrients in our diet is paramount for a healthy and happy life.

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