Strive Physiotherapy And Performance Is A Clinic Located In Kitchener Which Possesses The Best Specialist And Equipment

Strive Physiotherapy and Performance is a clinic located in Kitchener which possesses the best specialist and equipment in this field hence providing a specific treatment destined to each client.

In a world where life moves fast, physiotherapy is a useful tool to manage your problems. It may also avoid some situations from turning into problems. Sometimes, people have the wrong idea about physiotherapy. A massage is not the only technique that a physiotherapist can offer. Nowadays, people do everything in their reach to avoid taking pills. These can’t always help you. For instance, people should practice more exercise, it is recommended to do at least 150 minutes a day. This healthy life style greatly improves life standards. 

With this in mind, one of the most Canadian successful clinics in this field is Strive Physiotherapy and Performance. It offers a huge variety of treatments, all of them highly personalized. The quality of treatments is assured because of a deep study of every patient. The mix between experience and innovative treatments is one of the keys to be always in the top in this business. Also, this clinic has a high quality team always ready to assist you directly. Clients received a personalized care fit to match all of their needs.

The techniques used by this client are many. Among the most used are some traditional and modern methods. For example, manual therapy is widely used. The physiotherapist will use hands-on practices, specifically tailored, to treat patients. Also, prescriptions of exercises are employed. Physical exercises have proven to be a healthy way to recover mobility or any damage function in muscles or joints. This kind of treatment help to recover the damaged areas.  On the other hand, some traditional methods used are acupuncture and cupping therapy. Also, Strive Physiotherapy and Performance offers its patients the best equipment. High-tech apparatuses are used in all service areas. For instance, wireless Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). All of this high tech and specialized staff have located this clinic among the most competing and experienced in Canada.

Regarding the success of this clinic, its CEO Mike Major said “I strongly believe healthcare depends on establishing a relationship to build a partnership and plan to achieve your goals. This includes taking the time to listen, explain and treat. My goal is to share this philosophy as I work to grow the clinic”.

About Strive Physiotherapy and Performance:

Strive Physiotherapy and Performance is a private owned clinic located on Kitchener, Province of Ontario, Canada. It has reached a very high rate of recovery in patients of over 95%. This combined with the high qualification of its personnel and the latest equipment; make it one of the best of its field in the entire country.

Media Contact
Company Name: Strive Physiotherapy & Performance
Contact Person: Mike Major
Phone: 519-895-2020
Address:260 Doon South Drive, Unit 8
City: Kitchener
State: Ontario N2P 2L8
Country: Canada