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Since the Government approach for making digital India, we have seen fast infrastructure development in the country. The business ecosystem is consistently upgrading its roots to transform the local business to the global standard. The e-commerce companies are trying different things to test the local market. Lucrative offers are provided to the Indian consumers to attract them to the online stores. The digitalization is one of the key factors in attracting the foreign investment. The infrastructure improvement is helping the country to attract fresh investment from the other countries. Many venture capitalist, individual investors, and global investors are showing interest in the long-term investment. offers best online home shopping in India.

It has been noticed that e-commerce businesses are sacrificing the initial profit margin to build consumer database. The Companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm are pouring a good amount of money into the marketing and providing good services to the Indian consumers. Their approach has made the e-commerce business a household brand. People are spending a good amount of money on purchasing the various types of product online from these local stores.

A product such as Furniture is categorized in the large size consumer products. It is the premium product which will be expensive in nature. Buying such premium product online might appear risky for some of the buyers. People are little concern about spending money online on the furniture products. Indian consumer generally prefers to purchase the furniture product by going to the local store. They want to feel the product before taking the buying decision. When it comes to buying the furniture online, you don’t get the feeling that you normally get in the local store. This is the reason why many consumers turn to local stores instead of buying it online.

The online furniture selling companies understands the emotion and feeling of the Indian consumers. To make the consumer comfortable in buying the furniture online, the furniture company offers a wide range of add-on services with the purchase. For instance, When you purchase the furniture online you can make the payment by choosing various payment mode such as debit and credit card, cash on delivery, EMI facility etc. The after sales service is also provided to the consumers. The buyer can also obtain for the yearly maintenance service for their purchased furniture. Once you purchase the product from the online stores. The company will take care of the delivery of the product and installation if requires. You do not need to pay any additional charges after making the initial payment of the furniture. If you are looking to do Furniture shopping online in India then Craftatoz is the best resource to do that.

The improved IT infrastructure in India is making the development faster in the country. Now getting your online business has become easy. Anyone who is not having the online local store can simply purchase the website and start selling their product online. India is known for its IT services in the global market. It has the sufficient amount of IT infrastructure and skilled workforce in the country that allowing to progress faster in the global market. The new ecosystem is pushing the local businesses in the global market and allowing them to sell the product to any consumer all around the world.


The Craftatoz is one of the: most popular Online shopping store offering designer and customized furniture. The company has the vision to transform the furniture industry from local formation to digital space. People can purchase their require furniture from the online store and get it deliver to their address in no time. Buying beautiful designer furniture now became easy with the Craftatoz. You can simply choose the design of the furniture on the website and purchase it without hesitation. The company has a good reputation in the market and It has a good number of customers all around India. The company is expanding its footstep in the other regions to grab the larger market share to become the largest Online shopping site in India.

The Craftatoz consumers are delighted with the designer furniture when they visit the website. All kinds of furniture needs will be fulfilled on the Craftatoz. Usually, the Indian homes are designed in the small space. Arranging large size furniture might be difficult in the small area. To overcome this problem, the craftatoz has come up with the great solution to solve the problem. It provides complete customization option on buying any type of furniture from the online store. The customer can contact the company with their requirement and the company will make the customized piece of furniture as per their need.

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