New Platform Introduces New Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Software

London, UK – Trading cryptocurrencies can be very profitable but only if you know what you are doing. There are a lot of risks involved and a single mistake can lead to a huge loss. It must however, be made clear that taking advantage of opportunities in the market could lead to lots of profit. a new automated cryptocurrency trading technology aims to help traders reduce the chances of making mistakes while trading cryptos simply by learning their winning patterns and providing an option to easily replicate these patterns repeatedly. Thus, optimizing the chances of exploiting new opportunities. It focuses on major cryptocurrencies and is the first trading software that increases income by using technical and fundamental analysis to learn how to react to particular market situations.

AI Miner – An Overview:

• Focuses on major cryptocurrencies
• First of its kind artificial intelligence learns in real-time how to react to particular market situations
• Gathers signals using the technical indicators
• Performs a fundamental analysis by gathering news
• Filters out false signals thanks to its hybrid market analysis capability
• Easily conduct multiple transactions at a time
• Safe and secure lifetime accounts
• Mobile friendly, easy to use on the go.

The software offers an innovative dashboard and can be easily accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone without compromising on speed or any of the services it provides. AI Miner also incorporates different indicators, so traders have the option to analyze their data using any of their favorite and preferred candle stick indicators including the RSI (relative strength index), on-balance volume (OBV), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) and FIBO (Fibonacci).

With all the features and tools AI Miner offers, plotting an accurate trade is very easy. The key strength of AI Miner is its ability to get insights on a trader’s portfolio, detect winning and losing patterns and easily help to replicate the winning opportunities.

Interested in trading cryptocurrencies with AI Miner, then get started in three easy steps:

1. Open a free trading account
2. Fund the trading account to start trading
3. Start earning cryptocurrencies and making good profits by applying all the trading patterns and risk assessment provided by AI Miner.

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About AI Miner

AI Miner is a new automated cryptocurrency trading software that provides an enhanced trading strategy. Its main aim is to help cryptocurrency traders increase profit margins simply by plotting more accurate trades.

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