AI Miner Ltd. launches new automated cryptocurrency trading software

Leading cryptocurrency trading platform, AI Miner, announces the launch of its new automated digital currency trading software for all major currencies

AI Miner Limited is a leading provider of cryptocurrency trading services and has made a name for itself with its wide range of solutions designed to help traders in digital currency make profitable decisions. The company recently announced the launch of another effective trading solution, the AI Miner, automated cryptocurrency trading software that allows users to trade on major cryptocurrencies.

The acceptance and popularity of cryptocurrency have increased drastically in the last twelve months, with some reports indicating that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has made more millionaires in the last twelve than it did since the initial emergence of the blockchain technology which drives all digital currencies. Consequently, cryptocurrencies have become a major trading asset, with traders buying and selling different cryptocurrencies in a bid to make a profit. However, millions of people worldwide have burnt their fingers trying to trade cryptocurrencies usually due to the lack of effective indicators and fundamental analysis.

AI Miner is, therefore, making it easier for people to trade digital currencies profitably without spending long hours analyzing fundamentals and studying indicators. The automated trading software, described as “the most advanced automated software available on the market” is designed to work on major cryptocurrencies, with several features that make it stand out from other software applications.

Some of the unique features and benefits of AI Miner include AI learning, which learns the user’s winning trading patterns, providing an option to repeat the success over again. Other key features of the software are AI listening, security of funds, AI analysis, and the provision of different indicators.

AI Miner gathers signals using technical indicators, provides fundamental analysis using new gatherings, and filters out false signals using hybrid signals. The mobile-friendly software can be used on all gadgets as well as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The software also allows users to conduct multiple transactions simultaneously, allowing users to make even more profit at once.

AI Miner Ltd. is basically allowing users to experience the future with its Artificial Intelligence-backed trading software.

About AI Miner Ltd.

AI Miner Ltd is a digital currency trading platform that allows users to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies and make profits on their trades. AI Miner focuses on the major digital currencies, providing fundamental analysis and indicators to help traders make informed decisions and profits on their trades.

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