HPK Solution to launch the ultimate Kids Binoculars.

Portland, United States – Outdoor activities are essential for the good health of the little ones inthe house. Outdoor games mean autonomy, freedom, joy, they are the ideal space to stay in shape, develop a strong emotional intelligence, enhance creativity and foster new friendships, with which they can learn to interact with the environment that surrounds them from small. So, with the goal of promoting this type of activities and maximize their outdoor adventures, HPK Solution Inc presents its new Children’s Binocular.

HPK has devised a compact, lightweight instrument of excellent quality, ideal for recreational and educational activities, such as: hunting, mountaineering, stargazing and observation of hundreds of animal species in their natural environment.

The company has been able to create a product capable of adapting to the demands of children of all ages. The highest quality materials have been used for the development of the binoculars, and the construction process has been carried out on high quality requirements. With an elegant design, resistant to damage and easy to use, the creation of HPK Solution stands out well above their competitors. Accessories have not been left aside. To improve storage and keep the binoculars well protected, they come equipped with a nylon carrying bag that can be worn on a belt, along with a cleaning cloth, an operation manual and a very strong 25-inch neck strap.

The 21mm and 18mm lenses, plus its angular field of 7.1 degrees, make it possible to visualize large visual displays that will awaken the innate curiosity of boys and girls, who will want to learn more about what they see through the lens. Safety goes first, so, to avoid the risk of injuries, the binoculars have been manufactured with special attention in the resistance. Thanks to the additional layer of rubber for shock absorption applied to the area surrounding the child’s eyes, not only can they avoid any type of injury or discomfort to the eyes, but they also help to better protect the lens in the case of an accident.

Always in search of customer satisfaction, and with absolute confidence in the quality of the product, with the purchase of the binoculars, HPK offers a one-month manufacturer’s return guarantee, along with a one-year replacement warranty, completely free of charge.

The product is now available for sale through Amazon, you can also check out the HPK website for more information: Hpk@hpksolution.com

You can buy the product through the following link: https://www.amazon.com/HPK-Kids-Compact-lightweight-binoculars-Stargazing-Portable/dp/B077Z7XZMD/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1519513379&sr=8-1&keywords=HPK+Solution

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