Noise Cancellation Ear Plugs That Protect Users From Hearing Damage Launched

Comes In A 4 In 1 Premium Gift Box With Four Pairs Designed For Different Purposes And Situations

The Rolt is proud to announce the launch of their new product, Noise Cancellation Ear Plugs. Noise can be a dangerous problem for some people, including bands, swimmers, or club workers. These musician ear plugs have been created to help prevent ear damage to people who whose jobs expose them to loud noise. The product is suitable for airplanes, swimming, musicians, sleeping, and motorcycle. It comes in 4 in 1 premium gift box, with four pairs that are used for different occasions, to protect the ear from dangerous noise levels. They have a comfortable design with hole and diaphragm filter, they are reusable, and also waterproof.

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“Millions of people every day are exposed to a dangerously high level of noise due to their profession, hobby, business, location, or skills. This has led to many people permanently damaging their eardrums. We offer you a product that will help protect your ears from the dangers of loud noise so that you can enjoy your life with functional and health eardrums. Our sleeping ear plugs are tested to be effective for varieties of duties, and we guarantee that once you start using it, your life will not remain the same again,” said a representative of The Rolt.

The noise cancellation earplugs are all that is needed for anyone exposed to loud noise, to keep their eardrums protected. The product comes in a gift package that includes four pairs, each of them designed for different purposes and situations. Customers can use the product to cut out noise from everyday life including club work, live concert, motorsports, musicians, etc. The product comes with the latest 2018 design, in the form of a diaphragm filter, which prevents itching and encourages ventilation to keep ear canals dry.

The Fly Silicon earplugs have different pressure changes that filter noise and is suitable for use on the plane and to protect your ears from the activities of noisy neighbors. The ear plugs swimming has hypoallergenic and waterproof features that make it 100% reusable, safe, odorless, and easy to wash. There is also super soft foam construction that ensures comfortability for every use.

“I handle powerful and noisy machines in my factory. The earplugs they give us don’t do a good job because I still feel my ears numb after work each day. These ear plugs changed my life completely. They work at the highest level of perfection I have never seen before. Now, all my colleagues want to have it too,” said Matthew H, a customer.

The ear plugs come in a premium gift box that is beautiful to behold. They are stored in an ergonomic aluminum bottle, and the waterproof seal protects it from dust and debris, making it last longer.

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