FirmFit customers attest to the luxury vinyl wood flooring’s unique, worthy qualities

Finding the right kind of floor for different areas of the home can be tricky – homeowners want to make sure that they can get the best value for their money, but at the same time, they want something that’s durable, attractive, efficient, and easy to clean. This is exactly what FirmFit provides, as many of its customers attest.

UNITED KINGDOM – 27 Feb, 2018 – Whilst there may be many different types of floors which can be used for a home, be it traditional wooden flooring, stone flooring, laminate, and more, there is nothing which can quite compare to FirmFit flooring, known as luxury vinyl flooring for all areas of the home.

The FirmFit company has been able to develop a type of flooring which is not only durable and efficient, but aesthetically pleasing, waterproof, and high-performance as well. As FirmFit confirms, “FirmFit is a rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. The floor’s structure is close to LVT, however, there are two main aspects that make FirmFit very different: The flooring’s core is mostly made of limestone, rather than PVC. Unlike LVT or WPC products, FirmFit’s core contains 0% plasticizers, which are chemical additives used during manufacturing to make the PVC softer and easier to handle. The combination of the two makes FirmFit extra rigid and much more stable to temperature variations, as well as sunlight.”

Customers who have used FirmFit for their floors can attest to the difference. One customer states, “We have installed this type of vinyl wood flooring in two commercial projects: an office lobby and a pre-school cafeteria. We love the look of the floor and we’re now recommending it to our residential clients as an alternative when the budget is tight.”

Another customer praises FirmFit as well: “I wanted a kind of water-resistant flooring for the kitchen floor in the house we just moved into. Luxury vinyl seemed like the right choice to get a nice wood look that was easy to clean. Wasn’t too sure at first since the kitchen is open and has big sunny glass windows and a door going to the backyard. It gets pretty muddy and hot. Took a shot at FirmFit and it’s been holding up great.”

FirmFit’s exceptional qualities make it an easy choice for those who are looking for quality flooring that does not fade, does not dent, does not absorb water, and is easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, FirmFit flooring comes in a number of beautiful styles and designs, making it ideal for the modern home.

About the company:

FirmFit is an established manufacturer and source of high-quality luxury wood vinyl flooring. To find out more about this easy to clean, waterproof flooring, visit the website.  

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