New drug breakthrough: a (conditionally) federally legal alternative to medical marijuana

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Synthetically produced pharmaceutical drug and supplement will be less expensive, legal under federal law, and can combined in custom amounts to treat specific ailments.

With the legalization of medical marijuana (cannabis) in an increasing number of states, there is a movement afoot to provide the benefits of marijuana as a synthetically produced drug.

There are two similar products on the market: the generic drug Dronabinol (known by the brand name Marinol), and Cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Currently, Dronabinol is only available through pharmacies. No synthetic versions of CBD are available on the market.

Robert Clark of Murrieta, Calif., has developed better versions of these products, both of which will be produced and distributed through his startup company, TD9 Pharmaceuticals.

“There are two different ‘cannabinoid’ receptors in the body,” explained Clark. “Dronabinol activates the first receptor, which is responsible for the ‘mind-altering’ effects of cannabis. CBD activates the second receptor, which is responsible for the ‘body’ effects. Dronabinol is the most potent preparation of THC possible, and is unobtainable through plant extraction alone.”

“Patients can create custom combinations of CBD and Dronabinol in order to treat specific ailments. It’s not a one-size-fits-all treatment. And by synthetically producing our products, we can obtain levels of purity and dose precision that are impossible through plant extraction. Our products are also totally odorless, as the chemicals that produce the smells of cannabis are not present in them.”

Synthetic versions of medical marijuana enable it to be administered in several different ways, such as inhalers, vaporizer pen tinctures, and extended-release tablets. Dronabinol has never been sold in any form other than a capsule.

Clark will be offering the TD9 product line at a lower price than equivalent products on the market, while providing a greater range of use and effect than either Dronabinol or CBD alone.

All production and distribution of TD9 products will fully comply with state and federal laws. Dronabinol, when combined with sesame oil and contained in a gelatin capsule, is a Schedule III drug, meaning it can be legally produced with proper licensing. CBD is unscheduled.

“Dronabinol can only be legally produced as a sesame-seed oil mixture contained in a capsule,”  explains Clark, “however, how that product is transformed after distribution is a different situation entirely.” “Federal law also doesn’t explicitly define the proportion of sesame oil and Dronabinol required for legality, so take that as you will,” Clark adds.

That being said, production and distribution of these products is a complex and expensive process. To generate start-up capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed here:

Contributions will be used for legal fees, chemicals, laboratory equipment, distribution, and property zoning as well as the hiring of a pharmaceutical chemist.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $100, backers will receive recognition on the soon-to-be-launched TD9 website (

Clark is targeting his educational and publicity efforts toward medical-cannabis patients, who are looking for a pharmaceutical alternative. “The benefits are pretty obvious,” he said. “It will cost less, allow patients to customize the effect of their medicine, and it can be administered in new and different ways. TD9 is going to be an excellent alternative for those who use medical marijuana.”

After distribution begins, TD9 products will be available from any participating medical cannabis dispensary. Dispensaries may choose to stock only some of these products, and not the entire line. TD9 Pharmaceuticals will only distribute products to dispensaries and pharmacies, not directly to patients. “We will have no control over prices they charge,” said Clark.

For additional information, visit or the TD9 Facebook page,

Clark can be reached directly at

Logo/Banner for TD9 Pharmaceuticals

Logo/Banner for TD9 Pharmaceuticals

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