The Launch of a New Product Line “Solis Sports”

February 28, 2018 – Solis Sports is on a mission to becoming one of the leading distributors of sports and outdoors products in the United States. Their passion is tied in with the global conversations and movements about health, fitness, the great outdoors and the adventure that awaits. On February 28, 2018, they’ll be launching a new product exclusively on Amazon available to customers in the US primarily. The new product is branded “Solis Sports 2L Water Bladder.“

The Solis Sports 2L Water Bladder is compatible with backpacks or a regular bag and hosts a FDA approved heavy duty TPU material that makes it super durable in strenuous activities. It is BPA free which takes away the plastic-water taste making your water as fresh from the spring and comes with its own cleaning kit consisting of brushes and drying rack to ensure proper cleaning and drying of your water bladder.

In strenuous activity there may be leakage when using a water bladder, however, with the Solis Sports Water Bladder that worry is not necessary. It has a quick release auto-lock system that prevents leaking when the tube is detached and allows the tube to be easily disconnected from the water bladder for filling, cleaning, and storage and there is also a shutoff valve that provides an extra layer of leak prevention from the hose tip.

Customers are raving with reviews about the Solis Sports Water Bladder, it’s a must have. Monique Iglesias states “Used this water bladder last week on the Stone Mountain Loop Trail and it was excellent. Fit in my backpack perfectly and the best part about it was how easy it was to clean. A definite pro is that it comes with the cleaning tools. Definitely a good buy that I know will last through many adventures!”

Solis US is 100% certain all customers will love their Solis Sports 2L Water Bladder but if for any reason that’s not the case or the water bladder becomes damaged, customers are covered with a one year risk-free warranty.

Join the outdoor sports gang and get a Solis Sports 2L Water Bladder at

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