AirRentalz allowing people to list and rent property and caravans with the launch of its online platform

Unique online platform. AirRentalz, brings together those in need of property and caravans in a convenient and unprecedented way

AirRentalz is the first of its kind online platform designed to help persons in need of houses and apartments and mobility (caravans) by allowing users to list and rent property and caravans. The platform is coming as an alternative to other such service providers like Airbnb, however, with a unique twist.

The internet has helped in solving many of the challenges faced by millions of people across the globe. One of such challenges is mobility, with the other common challenge being getting comfortable accommodation. While there are several service providers using the power of technology and the internet to solve this problem, no provider has been able to offer a comprehensive, effective solution to address both issues simultaneously. This is where AirRentalz is making the difference.

AirRentalz is particularly different due to its features and benefits, which have made it a unique service provider in the industry. In addition to being the first of such platforms to allow people to list and rent property and caravans, AirRentalz also allows users to list their property or caravan for swap. This somewhat brings back the good old days of barter trader, allowing users to enjoy their desired service without necessarily paying.

Another unique feature and benefit of AirRentalz’s business model is the relatively affordable payment structure, with the payment of a fixed fee starting from as low $120. The unique payment structure is based on paying a fixed fee with no commission charged at every point of renting a caravan or property. This cost-saving fee structure is probably the first of its kind in the market, with service providers in the industry charging commissions per each rentage.

In addition to the features mentioned above, AirRentaz also offers ancillary services like “know who is renting your property,” giving landlords a better understanding of their potential talent. The service is provided for persons that are taking out a long-term lease and not nightly accommodation or short-term rentals. On the other hand, tenants can also create a profile that can be used for applying for a long term lease.

AirRentalz is basically disrupting the industry, creating a peer to peer renting and exchange platform that eliminates the agency agreement and make the services more effective, easier and more affordable for everyone.

About AirRentalz

AirRentalz is an online platform designed to help users find and list properties, caravans, and tiny houses for lease, rent or exchange. The recently launched platform is particularly unique due to its features, one of which is the charge of a flat fee of $120; as opposed to other such providers in the market that charge owners a commission each time their property is rented.

AirRentalz is creating an affordable and more effective way of moving and living using the internet.

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