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“The picture shows the three Thrivida Essentials products, Relax, Focus and Energy.”
All natural products that help people relax, focus and have energy. The product is sweetened with stevia and has no sugar, no fat grams and no calories. Flavors include cucumber lime, lemonade and berry.

Thrivida Essentials are all natural products that contain vitamins and minerals that help you relax, focus or have energy. The product is sweetened with stevia and have no sugar, no fat grams and no calories. The creator behind Thrivida is a distance runner and triathlete with 20 marathons and 92 triathlons under his belt.  Consequently, he wanted to develop a line of all natural products that would appeal to the active person who believes in a healthy life style. The line of products developed are the Thrivida line. Thrivida for thrive and vida (live). Our moto is “Don’t just live, thrive!” These products are healthy, all natural and taste good, too!

Outlined below are descriptions of the various product lines.  I would like to emphasize the Thrivida Essentials line first.

Thrivida Sport Water

Thrivida Sport Water is an alkaline water (pH 7.8) with natural electrolytes.  It comes from two natural springs.

Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH level promoting overall health.  Also, Sport Water contains natural electrolytes which help restore the body after dehydration that results from exercise or physical exertion.  Consequently, we are targeting fitness enthusiasts and health conscious men and women. 

Thrivida Elite Sport

Thrivida Elite Sport is a functional beverage that contains isotonic salts and electrolytes.  This product is sweetened with stevia. 

This product has no sugar, no calories and no fat grams.  Elite Sport is offered as a healthy alternative to products such as Gatorade which contains sugar.

Elite Sport comes in lemonade, berry, cherry, grape and orange flavors.

Thrivida Essentials

Thrivida Essentials are a product line with 72 trace minerals and vitamins that promote a healthy life style.  The various formulas help the consumer focus, relax and/or have energy naturally without prescription drugs or unhealthy supplements.  The target market is health minded adults.

Thrivida Essentials are sweetened with stevia and consequently contain no sugar, calories or fat grams.  The focus product is flavored as lemonade, energy as raspberry and relax as cucumber lime.

Thrivida Omega 3 

Thrivida Omega 3 Brain and Heart Health (two different products) is in development.  New technology will allow omega 3, an oily compound, to be dissolved in water in the form of a drink.  It will contain a few other vitamins/minerals that enhance brain or heart health.  This has the potential to be a truly unique product.

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