8 Element Wellness offering a 90 day program for Addiction Recovery!

February 28, 2018 – People suffering from alcohol and drug addiction; and cannot afford a rehabilitation center or their insurance cannot pay for one can now benefit from the ninety-day program offered by 8Element Wellness.  The program which is based upon experience is affordable when done properly and completely. 8ElementWellness.com offers a wide array of products dealing with all types of health but with more emphasis on alcohol and drug addiction. It has products for both men and women aiming at helping addicts find ultimate health, freedom and peace of mind that the founder, who himself was an addict has found.

The program is not a quick fix, Glenn Capitanio of 8Element Wellness says that people come expecting miracles within the first month but according to him things do not work that way.  The program is offered by somebody who has gone through addiction and made a commitment to recover. He knows what needs to be done to successfully recover from addiction having done it and remained sober. He recommends what he did to cure what he terms the “beast inside.”  The prescribed natural products are supposed to be taken daily; Glenn adds that he is targeting people who are interested in being sober and staying out of drugs or alcohol adding that the ninety-day program is what he did to overcome his problem successfully.

“8Element Wellness” products are natural, holistic and will significantly reduce your cravings, said Glenn who has “Beaten the Beast”.

For more information and to grab this program, visit: http://www.8elementwellness.com

8Element Wellness offering a 90 day program for Addiction Recovery!

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