David Dardashti Has The Solution That Can End The Heroin Epidemic In America

Mainstream medicine needs to become more open-minded, and realize that they can’t treat drug addiction with other addicting drugs.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO, October 14, 2014, It is no secret that the use of Heroin has reached epidemic proportions, and has done so for several years. There are all-natural protocols to treat and cure, yes – cure, drug addictions. In fact, there are all-natural cure protocols for many disorders including PTSD, Depression, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Oxycontin, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine, just to name a few. The approach by the mainstream medical establishment is to use addictive drugs to treat drug addiction. As an example; Methadone is used to treat Heroin Addiction. So now there are people addicted to both of these drugs. Big Pharma has developed a host of prescription drugs, such as Suboxone, to treat addicts. Would it be cynical to suggest that certain all natural substances are banned by mainstream medicine in order to maintain their status quo grip on treatment methods? After all, natural herbs and extracts can’t be Patented by the drug companies.

David Dardashti is a man that has the ability to harness the incredible power of the extract from the Iboga plant called Ibogaine. He is dedicated to help people with a wide range of health disorders to attain wellness. Ibogaine is a remarkable natural compound that has the ability with a single dose to both remove the symptoms of drug withdrawal and reduce the cravings for drugs. David has had tremendous success using this with people fighting their way out of the dark world of drug and alcohol addiction. David is the Founder of one of the most beautiful Ibogaine treatment centers in the world, located in beautiful and luxurious Puerto Playa Del Carmen, the resort style medical facility offers a haven of safety and comfort as they guide clients through their journey of recovery. At the resort, they provide one of the most powerful cures for drug and alcohol addiction – Ibogaine, a treatment that has been proven to work where other programs have failed.

Ibogaine is particularly effective in Opiate detox and most people experience very few of the withdrawal symptoms normally associated with coming off of Opiate based drugs such as Heroin or Methadone. Science has proven that Ibogaine blocks the receptors in the brain that initiates the cascade of withdrawal symptoms when a user attempts to detox. One of the most fascinating aspects of the Ibogaine treatment experience is its ability to expand the consciousness of the user so that they are able to understand the root cause that made them use drugs. Once the user understands the root causes, they can make appropriate changes in their thinking and lifestyle.

Over the years, David’s Ibogaine treatment center has focused largely on addiction, depression, PTSD, as well as assisting individuals with a variety of physical and mental illnesses. All of this is made possible due to the extremely high standards in the center, especially in cutting-edge medical equipment, highly trained medical staff, and in using the highest available grade of Ibogaine (99.5% Ibogaine HCL). Recently, David’s ongoing research has taken a bold step outside the traditional scope of Ibogaine use, producing evidence that Ibogaine may heal Hepatitis C, Migraines, Alzheimer’s, High Blood Pressure, Parkinson’s, and Diabetes. It may even be able to prevent some of the detrimental effects of aging.

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