Banner Penguin Announces Free Artwork Check and Proof Plus Free Shipping

Banner Penguin, known for their cheap leaflet printing in the UK, recently announced free artwork check and proof on all orders.

Banner Penguin, known for their cheap leaflet printing in the UK, recently announced free artwork check and proof on all orders. In a world where commercial printers receive artwork and forward for publishing, Banner Penguin’s commitment to artwork quality is a rare and invaluable service. Individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners can easily overlook typographical and other errors on their artwork, which is a costly mistake as reprinting incurs additional costs. Banner Penguin’s team of professionals will take the time to review the artwork and verify with clients before sending cards, flyers and leaflets for printing.

David Chen from Banner Penguin insists that customers should go beyond spellcheckers when reviewing their artwork. He says that most graphic designs programs won’t pick up on errors, so it’s important for customers to review the completed work section by section at different intervals. He also advises clients to print a copy of the flyer on their printers and review it on paper as it’s easy to overlook errors on screen. Graphic design programs can also strip quotes, dashes and other important symbols when the text is imported from a text editor, so it’s important to check the symbols, punctuation and double spaces. After checking the work, he recommends that clients hire an experienced proofreader to review the text.

Many printers ask customers to sign a release indicating that the printer is not responsible for errors in the artwork. Chen says it’s a standard business practice because printers run hundreds of jobs daily and don’t have the manpower to review every request. Banner Penguin makes an exception to review customers’ artwork and ensure everything is in order before sending to press. They contact the customer directly to verify the content before making any changes.

Roger Kennedy used Banner Penguin’s cheap flyer printing UK a month ago and was grateful for the proofreading service. He says, “From the moment I placed my order, the company sent me a checklist of things to do to ensure the quality of the printouts. Of course, I overlooked some errors in the type and the artwork. Fortunately, an employee called me to draw my attention to the errors. I’m extremely happy for that step as I had a small printing budget to begin with and didn’t have money for reprints.”

Banner Penguin guarantees free delivery via next day courier to customers in Mainland UK. Visit them online to order cheap flyers UK with free proof and shipping.

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