Dance Network TV’s Kristyn Burtt gets exclusive interview with real life dancer, Margarita Simonova, who’s first acting job landed her the lead role in Valery Todorovsky’s graceful, Russian ballet film, ‘THE BOLSHOI’.

Los Angeles, CA – March 13, 2018 – When ballet movies come to mind, many think the genre’s most popular, for example, ‘Turning Point’ and cult-favorite, ‘Center Stage’, but now, “It’s time to get ready for a new coming-of-age story, The Bolshoi, which has been a huge hit in Russia and the Baltic States,” opened Kristyn Burtt from Dance Network TV.

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From Valery Todorovsky Production Company and Marmot Film Studio with direction by Valery Todorovsky (‘Hipsters’, ‘Ottepel’, TV series ‘The Thaw’), ‘THE BOLSHOI’ is a coming-of-age Russian ballet new to the U.S. from TriCoast Entertainment exclusively.

Burtt was lucky enough to land an exclusive interview with Margarita Simonova, a leading dancer in corps de ballet at the Polish National Ballet and star of ‘THE BOLSHOI’ as ‘Yulka Olshanskaya’, a young girl with high aspirations to perform on Russia’s prestigious and competitive Bolshoi Theatre. 

As her first-ever acting job, Simonova disclosed to Burtt that ‘THE BOLSHOI’ had searched for over a year and a half until stumbling on the Polish National Ballet’s website, where her Russian last name caught their eye.

Simonova has been on ‘THE BOLSHOI’ journey since, as it was filmed about two and a half years ago and took eight months to shoot.

“I don’t like ballet movies about my profession usually, but I love The Bolshoi. We would tell him when a moment didn’t ring true. The director really listened to us. The movie wasn’t just created by the script, but also by our dance tips,” remarked Simonova, as Todorovsky often asked the Russian ballet dancers for input to make the film as realistic as possible. 

Simonova continued to appreciate her role as Yulka because she was able to watch her profession of ballet from the outside rather than the inside, allowing her to see the ballet world in a new light, yet still related to her role as many ballerinas experience the same situations.

“I was able to get a second chance to do ballet in a different way,” Simonova told Burtt

As a real life ballerina, dancing on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre for scenes in ‘THE BOLSHOI’ was a dream come true for Simonova, despite the scheduling conflict, limiting the shoot days from 15 to six days. 

“It felt like my big dream came true. It doesn’t matter that it was dancing in the movie, it was an incredible feeling to step on that stage,” remarked Simonova, though performing two full-time dedicated jobs of acting and ballet was difficult, especially during 15-hour day shoots. The actress and ballerina also told Burtt that staying warm and keeping her muscles moving in between scenes was difficult, especially due to the cold and long workdays.

Though ‘THE BOLSHOI’ allowed Simonova to find another passion outside the dance world – acting – though the film helped her rediscover her first true love – ballet.

“I enjoy dancing more after shooting the film. I don’t know why, maybe I understood acting more? All of dance roles that I had done before, I understood it better. I love to interpret it differently. The work isn’t the same. I feel different onstage,” remarked Simonova, as she hopes for future opportunities in the acting world, though maintaining the priority of ballet for now.  

‘THE BOLSHOI’ is available on VOD platforms (iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, Fandango, Vudu, FlixFling, Hoopla, In Demand, GooglePlay, DISH, Sony Playstation, Direct TV, and Microsoft Xbox). Watch it now here:

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Special thanks: Kristyn Burtt from Dance Network TV.

THE BOLSHOI (2017, 132 min.) Directed by Valery Todorovsky. Editor: Aleksey Bobrov. Cinematography: Sergey Mikhalchuk. Original Music: Anna Drubich and Pavel Karmanov. US, English. Valery Todorovsky Production Company and Marmot Film Studio, TriCoast Entertainment.

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