Chinese Dream Show Debuts at New York’s Times Square, Showcases Chinese Charm

“…a faithful journal of the extraordinary dream of every ordinary Chinese. Paint the world with your own color…” The ZJTV Chinese Dream Show recently debuted at New York’s Times Square and lit up the world’s number one screen with dazzling Chinese Blue. At the world’s crossroads, the dreams of the Chinese people in the Chinese Dream era were aired to demonstrate the power of these dreams. “Give a thumb up for the Chinese Dream Show! Let the world hear our voice and see our power,” netizens commented online.

Chinese Dream Show Debuts at New York’s Times Square and Lit Up World’s Number One Screen

“With the passage of time, everyone shines in a unique way in their course of life. Perhaps you are an ordinary homemaker or fisherman; perhaps fate has shown you no favors…The Chinese Dream Show is a faithful journal of the extraordinary dream of every Chinese citizen and a tribute to the transformation in every individual. Paint the world with your own color. Only you can change yourself!” Recently The Chinese Dream Show aired on the NASDAQ screen, known as world’s number one screen, at the world’s crossroads—New York’s Times Square. Every word was so powerful and every sentence so electrifying that the event instantly drew much attention from the Chinese people.

“This is a dream-chasing era. The Chinese Dream of self improvement and the dream of constant progress have inspired every Chinese person! We are grateful to The Chinese Dream Show for a dream-chasing stage, and a full reflection of the charm and power of the Chinese dream.” “The Chinese Dream Show has allowed the brave dreamchasers to speak for the Chinese people in the global arena. We are equally proud as viewers of the show of the Chinese people and as citizens of the nation. We are convinced that dreams can empower our ordinary lives and motivate our nation to forge ahead!” Netizens spoke highly of the event.

Chinese Dream Show Spreads the Power of the Dream with Ordinary People’s Stories!

From 2011 to 2018, The ZJTV Chinese Dream Show has become a classic Dream Brand in Chinese variety shows. Returning for Season X this year, the revised show will focus on the greatness of ordinary people and tell the dream stories of everyday individuals. The 180-day show truthfully records the dream chasing journeys of  ordinary peoples, featuring stories such as The kids from the Little Dolphins Choir of Hearing-impaired Children singing the most beautiful acapella in the world and demonstrating that “the dimmest light can penetrate through the darkest night and light up the starry sky.”; how Chen Penbin went from a common fisherman to China’s number one marathoner, measuring the seven continents with his feet and demonstrating the indomitable Chinese attitude; a deaf-mute girl who overcame great hardships and sang to her mother, showcasing the power of “an impossible dream”; the Running Grandpas at an average age of 90 setting a world record and challenging  seniors around the world to stay young forever with their dreams; a 77-year-old man collecting 84 death notices of martyrs across 21 years and finally delivering their respective medals of honor back to their hometowns in memoriam; Wang Pengcheng offrom Hebei Province, fearless of the high-temperature melted iron, keeping his father’s skill of Melted Iron Splashing alive and carrying forward this 500-year-old tradition. The character and story in each episode is a touching, sensational and truthful reflection of the meaning and power of dreams.

The revamped Chinese Dream Show is shows even better insight into more realistic dreams and is an accurate portrait of the extraordinariness of ordinary dream chasers. From these dream-chasing stories, the message of transformation and regeneration is delivered: they are ordinary people like you who savor the extraordinary taste of life and become great; the dreams of a nobody can shine as well. The viewers are impressed, “We can really relate to the ordinary stories in The New Chinese Dream Show. Our dreams are alive once again. The show has brought touching moments, and most importantly the power of dreams which inspires us to make changes to fulfill our own dreams.”   

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