Market for Dump Trucks on the Rise

Florida based heavy machinery dealer eQuip Sells it recently increased its variety of heavy duty dump trucks. With some impressive additions to its plethora of heavy machinery and equipment, eQuip Sells it is one of Florida’s largest marketplace for the aforementioned products.

The company simply reacted to the increasing demand for dump trucks in the trucking industry. One can see why this demand has increased, because in the trucking industry, one of the most important factors is load carrying capacity and dump trucks with an already impressive load carrying capacity can carry even more with additional tweaks, allowing for huge cost savings.

New Listings

Among the list of quality manufacturers, their website contains household names such as AM General, AMC, American Lafrance and multiple others. The listings have a wide range of prices, which vary from $7000 to as high as $164,000 per truck.

Interested buyers can view the entire collection of eQuip’s dump trucks at:

Media Contact
Company Name: EQuip Sells It
Phone: 407-259-7775
Address:5224 W SR 46 – #256
City: Sanford
State: Florida
Country: United States