Gill Rock Drilling Company is Proud to be a One-Stop Shop for All Rock Drilling Needs

Gill Rock Drilling Company, a dependable rock drilling company located in Pennsylvania, is proud to be a one-stop shop for everyone’s rock drilling needs.

Lebanon, PA – Gill Rock Drilling Company’s fleet of Gill Beetle Drills has had outstanding reviews from their clients. Dan Thomas said that the Gill Beetle was a perfect choice for them. He said, “The drills ease of maintenance due to its simple components and sturdy construction is a major advantage. Staying operational is of the utmost importance in the contract drilling business which makes the Gill Beetle drill the right choice for us.” For Randy May, Gill Rock Drilling companies drill, in particular, the Gill Beetle drill, exceeded their expectations. “The low cost of ownership was a key factor for us. The Gill Beetle drill exceeds all production requirements with minimal downtime compared to similar drill models from other manufacturers,” he said.

For companies that need a reliable rock drilling equipment rentals company, Gill Rock Drilling Company is ready to serve them. Gill’s team has the technical expertise and knowledge that potential clients can tap into if they need further information on the rock drilling equipment that they rent out. The company offers daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term equipment rentals, depending on the client’s needs. Considered a one-stop shop for everyone’s rock drilling needs, the company also offers contract drilling and maintenance services to their clients.

Gill Rock Drilling Company does not only provide maintenance and rentals, but they can also manufacture and provide drilling equipment, tools, and supplies necessary to help out drilling companies. In fact, they have a flagship product called the Gill Beetle Drilling Rig that can be used in multiple applications. The Gill Beetle can drill holes from 4” to 24” in diameter. It is also easy to transport, operate, and maintain. Cost-wise, the Gill Beetle Drilling Rig is affordable compared to its counterparts. It is fuel efficient and requires only a low initial capital outlay.

Gill Rock Drilling Company is located at 903 Cornwall Rd in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Gill Rock Drilling Company can be reached by phone at (717) 272-3861, by email at, or from their website at  

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Company Name: Gill Rock Drilling Company
Contact Person: Debbie Gill
Phone: (717) 272-3861
Address:903-905 Cornwall Rd
City: Lebanon
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States