Raven Hockey Inc. Announces The New 2018 Edge And Limited-Edition Ninja III

Calgary, AB – Raven Hockey Inc. announced today the release of their new high performance junior hockey stick line up for 2018, the Raven EDGE and NINJA III.  Both sporting the same Raven hand-built feel and mid-kick response that hockey kids everywhere have come to love. The new line upwill be available in select stores and online across Canada and the United States as of March 30th.

We are proud to have built a Canadian company that is making a difference in youth hockey, players aged 6-13 now have the correct flex to achieve their full potential,” says Sean Reily, Founder of Raven Hockey.

Here are some of the unique features of the new junior hockey stick line up for 2018:

  • The Raven EDGE – A bold new look that delivers the flex young players need and provides increased shaft durability and blade strength.
  • The Raven NinjaIII – The Ninja III is even lighter! It is built from toe to tip with ultra light-weight 25x Blackmond® performance carbon
    • It is the lightestjunior hockey stick available on the market

    • In comparison, a Raven EDGE Flex 20 stick weighs 270g while the NinjaIII comes in at 250g!
    • Bladestif™ – EDGE and Ninja III with Bladestif™ technology delivers more power and velocity with less vibration and blade twist.
  • EDGE and Ninja III are available in 4 Flexes (20/30/40/50) and 2 Curve patterns

About Raven Hockey Inc.:

Raven Hockey Inc. is a Canadian company that disrupted the hockey market in 2014 by introducing the World’s First 20 Flex stick and the World’s Lightest Junior Hockey stick. Raven Hockey’s color-coded system of junior sticks are designed and engineered for kids to promote the proper flex and feel which builds better skills.

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