Mindz I releases psychedelic multi-genre studio album “iAwake”

Psychedelic Hip-Hop artist, Mindz I, has released his new album titled “iAwake”

Mindz I is a psychedelic rapper and producer known for his unique mix of Rock, Rap, & Electronic Music with an east meets west mentality. His unique style of delivery has helped him gain the acceptance of music lovers not only in the United States but across the globe. The rapper has released a new album of psychedelic and electronic hip-hop and rock music, where he once again demonstrated his uniqueness and versatility with an exceptional delivery of good music.

Music has evolved over the years, and while a plethora of musicians from different genres have graced the stages and thrilled music lovers with their lyrics and songs, many of them have failed to retain their position in the industry. Several factors have been attributed to this somewhat disappearance. However, one artist that seems to have maintained his place as a source of good music is Mindz I.

The talented rapper and music producer has over 27 singles, using the environment that surrounds him to create his art in the here and the now. Mindz I’s uniqueness stems from using the core elements of music blended into a new age style of hip-hop that he performs with intense syllable rhyming and mind opening, socially aware lyrics.

After releasing two bodies of works which include his first EP titled iScience, and iOmega, Mindz I has again served music lovers with beautiful, melodious and thought-provoking tunes with the release of his new album, iAwake.

The use of metaphors in his rhymes, reflecting the environment around him has stood him out from his peers in the industry. The rapper started songwriting by playing the bass guitar and jamming with family and friends. He soon started to produce and mix songs with guitars, synthesizers, samples, and cuts from movies, TV, shows, video games, and internet videos, creating the ever-evolving style he is currently known for.

Mindz I also has a YouTube channel where he treats his fans and other such lovers of beautiful music to his unique and transcendental sound with visually stimulating and mind opening videos.

The Highly anticipated third album by Mindz I is currently available on his website, iTunesYoutube and most digital and streaming platforms.

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