Getting Rid Of Lame Dog Sweaters Made Easy By New Fashion Brand, DONQUE

March 16, 2018 – New clothing brand, DONQUE, is fast creating a new trend in the fashion industry by using animal images to make bold personal fashion statements. Using dogs and cats on clothes may be popular and lame, DONQUE has a unique style by which they use man’s faithful four-legged friends.

Animal Lover Forgets Himself

Many people buy the craziest things for their pet. Cat toys, dog leashes, cuddly toys and many other accessories are sold as sweet cookies. Everything is brought into the house where the dog or cat can be happy, but the owners often forget themselves. When they walk in a sweater with their dog or cat, it is often not very stylish and especially not personalized. Providing solution to this, DONQUE is poised to keep making top quality clothes with awesome pet images.

“Let’s face it, many garments with images of pets are a bit corny. That is unfortunate, because pets themselves are hot. “Just think of the movies with Grumpy the Cat or the dog Jiff Pom. They have millions of followers on social media,” says Thom van Hooijdonk, co-founder of DONQUE. “If animals are so popular online, why is the clothing with their pictures so fiddly, we wondered.”

Animal Fashion Of This Time

Apart from the fact that clothing can serve as a proud or beautiful tribute to the beloved pet, it is also a fashion item. “The designs of the dogs and cats that we print on clothing consist of lines and are therefore completely contemporary,” says van Hooijdonk. DONQUE prints the animal images including breed and name on sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts. “They fit into every wardrobe, whether you’re a passionate animal lover or just want to hang trendy clothes in your closet.”


The founders Thom (29) and Bas van Hooijdonk (24) now think further than just clothing. Through experience in Canada and the United States in particular, they know that there is a need for more than just images of animals on clothing. The two cousins ​​now look expressly at the printing of modern animal expressions on smartphone cases, but also other accessories such as bags, caps and children’s clothing.

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