Unimat Industries, LLC launches new product – “Prefab traffic control Speed Bumps”

Leading manufacturer of mats and rugs, Unimat Industries, LLC, announces the launch of its new, innovative traffic control speed bumps – the Prefab traffic control Speed Bumps

Unimat Industries, LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of mats and rugs, with a wide range of products offered over its 3 decades of experience and operations. The company recently announced the launch of its new product, the Prefab traffic control Speed Bumps, designed to help reduce the rates of accidents on roads.

Road accidents are one of the major causes of deaths across the globe, with more people dying from road accidents and consequent injuries than some of the very chronic medical conditions. Consequently, several measures have been put in place to reduce the rate of road accidents. However, these measures have not been particularly effective in tackling this menace. Pedestrians have been particularly affected by road accidents due to their relative vulnerability. Therefore, the expansion of cities, population density, and improvements in communication has necessitated the need for training on road safety and responsibility from a young age. This is in addition to the teachings in school about road safety and other such subjects.

The prefab traffic control speed bumps by Unimat Industries will help in reducing road accidents, consequently ensuring the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and other such road users.

http://unimattraffic-usa.com also offers several other products and road solutions including the Floor Cable Protector Ramp, the Unimat Premium Parking Block, as well as the Single and Double lane speed humps. Each of the products is carefully designed and manufactured using the best quality materials to ensure durability and functionality, without requiring users to break the bank.

More information about Unimat Industries and the road solutions offered by the company can be found on the website as well as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The company also has a blog – http://unimattraffic-usa.com/blog that provides visitors with the latest information on road safety and solutions

About Unimat Industries

Unimat Industries has grown to become a well-established and leading manufacturer of mats and rugs, with more than 3 decades of experience in the industry. With manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the US and Mexico, the company engages in the production of beautiful and functional products with a very high level of quality, while offering value for its customers.

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